1. People of the future don’t have a certain age. 
  2. People of the future are capable of continuous learning.
  3. They are open to change and new experiences. 
  4. They are sensitive to others, empathic and practice compassion. 
  5. People of the future are free, they do not let their development and path be led by social powers but they lead the way and strengthen societies with knowledge, good intentions and innovations. 
  6. They are normal people whose stories serve as examples to follow by others. 
  7. People of the future tend to be financially independent, they have an inner entrepreneurial spirit, either they are employed or employers. 
  8. These people have a strong verticality. 
  9. They make numerous mistakes and have the lucidity to consider them as newly passed thresholds of their development. 
  10. People of the future keep it simple. 
  11. They build on talents rather on learnt capabilities and rely heavily on infusing creativity in their daily actions and activities. 
  12. People of the future invest in knowledge, in all shapes of learning, studying and traveling. They learn by doing. 
  13. They value wellness and invest time in quality socializing.
  14. People of the future do not retire but have a life-long activity, enabled by the easiness and accomplishment coming from transforming their talents into professions. 
  15. People of the future are pragmatic and practical and keep the noise and dust out of their path. 

We can all be people of the future. It just takes the courage to admit the talents we each have and understand how those can be transposed into value added for our communities while accomplishing us as professionals in our fields!