When you’re running a coaching/consulting business then you’re the most important person in your business You’re building a personal brand, and it’s key that stand out in a noisy world by establishing authority in your field.

Now, how do you do that? Content is king! Sharing quality information from tips, to checklists, to short courses, and live videos to your target audience will position you as an expert.

The key is that you share what your audience needs in a way that that’s easy to consume, gives them quick wins and leads them to want to work with you for the ultimate solution to their problem.

Below I’m sharing some simple and other more elaborate ways that you can stand out and make an impact within your industry.

I want to warn you that you don’t want to do all the things all at the same time because that will lead you to overwhelm and overextend your resources.

Some of the ideas I’m presenting you with you can do from the beginning of your business through the first and maybe even second year of your business and on.

Others I recommend you focus on once you’re business is more solidly structured, a good flow of consistent income and you have a team supporting you.

1. Proclaim and Share Your Expertise

– It’s important to let people know who you are and what you have to offer. Many women feel out of place embracing their expertise and shining in their own light. Become comfortable with calling yourself an expert. For your audience to trust, like and believe you have the solution to their problem you must believe and own it yourself first.

2. Show up as a Leader

– A favorite of mine is, start your own group on Facebook. This is the perfect container for you to share your expertise and show up as a leader.
You can also join and become visible in an organization that specializes in your niche. Offer to help and support the members and the leadership.

3. Write a Blog

– It’s a wonderful way to create and connect with your audience, increase traffic to your website, and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “good” writer and don’t love writing (that’s me) anyone can create and share at least one blog per week. You can write more if you want even better results.

4. Create and Share Info Products

– These are more commonly known as lead magnets because they allow you to attract your ideal clients with a promise of a quick win over part of their problem.

Create products such as check lists, special reports, simple workbooks, podcasts, or videos— with a short solution to the problem you solve based on your knowledge. Then, you can either give them away in exchange for an email address, for brand awareness, or even sell them sell them and use the money to fund your advertising budget.

This creates a relationship between you and your ideal clients that helps them in the process of becoming buyers by instantly identifying you as an authority in your industry. Which can surely lead to them buying a higher end product offer as they move through your customer journey.

5. Build a Social Media Following

– Whether you focus on just one network—such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn—or you spend time on all of them, these platforms give you an incredible opportunity to reach and create an audience. It’s the perfect place to share links to your blog posts, info products (lead magnets), quick tips, etc. Let your followers know you’re there for them. You’re available and listening to what they need.

6. Create a YouTube Channel

– Nowadays when anyone wants to know anything about anything they search Google. And guess what? The top ten results almost always include a video from YouTube. You can start by using your phone’s camera and put together a compelling series of short videos. Upload them to YouTube and then promote them to your social networks and feature them on your own website. Nothing beats video when you want to create instant connection with your audience.

7. Be a Guest on Podcast or Internet Radio Shows

– This is a huge opportunity for subject matter experts to get exposure to new audiences. As a guest all you have to do is show up. You don’t have to deal with all the work that goes behind the scenes to get the produced. As a guest you will most likely be invited to share a link to your free gift or offer. And even if promoting is not allowed if the audience is interested in what you do they will search for you.

8. Host a Webinar or Masterclass

– This is a type of presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is hosted and transmitted online using a video conferencing software or platform. It’s interactive elements gives you the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real-time with participants from around the world. You can make it simple with just a handful of ideal clients or as your business grows you can create an advertising campaign and get hundreds of people to show up for you. For this to work the content has to be carefully curated for the immediate needs of your audience because that will keep their attention.

9. Host and Participate in Virtual Summits

– A virtual summit is a type of online event in which speakers (experts) are interviewed by a host. It’s the modern version of a teleseminar. An online conference with a collection of online presentations on a topic. This type of event is a powerful marketing tool for both experienced business owners and newcomers alike.

Offer events for free in order to build your audience and grow your mailing list. If you already have a solid following, you can consider charging for events—just make sure the content is original and valuable to your audience.

10. Teach Classes and Workshops

– Whether it’s teaching at a local college or you host workshops in your own office, a co-working space or hotel conference center, teaching is not only a powerful way to establish your authority, it can be incredibly rewarding as well. You can organize free or even paid events.

15 Ways To Establish Your Authority

11. Write a Book

– Writing a book has always been a fantastic way to establish your authority. The caveat is that writing a really good book takes time, energy, money and resources. I see so many budding entrepreneurs that start with a book (with a promise of huge business success) and become frustrated because the project becomes does not bring the return on investment expected.

You want to write and publish a book should happen once you’ve established your business and you know what your niche, audience and ideal client is. Your book becomes a lead magnet that directs your potential clients to the best ways to purchase your other offers.

12. Host Your Own Podcast or Radio Show

– Hosting your own podcast or radio show is a big endeavor. It requires technical equipment and lots of editing. You most likely will need to hire someone to assist you with this on a regular basis so a regular cash flow is required. It also takes time and energy from you because the guests need to be invited, scheduled, followed up with and then do the interview.

That’s why I recommend you don’t start one until you’re a bit more established in your business. Many people try to start with this step and even thought is not impossible to pull it off it can become a huge burden if you don’t have the support you need to get it done smoothly.

13. Getting Publish and Featured in the Media

– Writing articles, being interviewed on TV and big media publications allows you to share your opinions and gain exposure with to a greater audience. This is absolutely an amazing opportunity. You can start by pitching your articles to small publications like Thrive or Medium.

Many entrepreneurs as they take their businesses to another level they decide invest in a publicist because they are experts at making connections with the media. That’s a great opportunity but it does require a big investment that can become a burden. Start small and as your income grows then you can increase your investment.

14. Become a Professional Speaker

– There’s nothing like being in front of an audience, the energy and the connection you can create is par none. When you’re starting out you can begin by offering your expertise to local organizations, schools, networking groups, businesses, and other places where you can locate your target audience. This will give you an expert standing locally and the experience you need to command the bigger stages. As your business growth and you can invest in professional training and focus on getting invited to bigger and more international stages and even get paid big bucks to do so!

15. Form Strategic Alliances

– Connecting and collaborating with others who already reach your audience and finding ways you can work together and create a win win for both parties can be an amazing catalyst for growth. When someone else introduces you to their networks, that endorsement can lead to immediate sales. You can cross-promote each other in your newsletters, co-sponsor an event, or just agree to send each other referrals.

Whatever mix of any of these you use to establish your expertise you will get results. What’s important you keep in mind is that you find ways to set yourself apart from others in your industry. Make it your own. Inject your personality. Let your audience know who you are and what you stand for. Consider what makes you unique and then figure out how to build that into your overall brand. Then challenge yourself to create a strategy and follow it.