1. Do not worry about death/health, enjoy every moment of your life.
  2. Do not dwell into the past as it brings unnecessary stress. Let bygones be bygones.
  3. Spend 1-2 hours everyday alone. Utilize this time for the things you love to do like reading your favorite book, a long walk, painting or even doing nothing (meditation). This will renew your energy levels and increase your concentration.
  4. Do not compromise on your values but be open to change.
  5. Maintain a loving atmosphere in your home. Next time when you feel tensed try to spend quality time with your family and it will restore your body and mind.
  6. Help Others. Helping others makes you your life more beautiful and satisfying. Do not forget that by doing this you would be winning long lasting friends.
  7. Thank people around you for their favors.
  8. Pray – People who pray score high in psychological health. People who pray regularly have fewer health problems, experience less stress and show huge rise on a life-purpose index.
  9. Try to be happy for all the benefits you have received. Be happy and content with your life. Stop comparison with others as it will only add to your misery.
  10. Don’t be a loner. Chill out with your friends and talk more then often to them on phone. Do Call your friends home and do things together you always wanted to do.
  11. Go to bed early and wake up early. There is nothing more refreshing then early morning breeze after a good nights sleep.
  12. Be active and alert. New and fresh content for your brain is necessary in order to make it active.
  13. Keep doing something substantial and never retire as it slows down your body.
  14. Do not stress yourself too much. Take a break; plan a holiday with your family and friends. This will refresh your energy and prepare your body for an another bout with work.
  15. Love and achievements requires great risk. Prepare yourself beforehand for this risk.
  16. Take a break from Facebook. Social media exposure can cause all sorts of anxiety, feelings of inferiority, jealousy and stress. Skip Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. for a few days. You’ll have more time for yourself and feel better for it.

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