Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you” Rumi

“The central order is part of the subjective as well as the objective realm” Werner Heisenberg : Nobel prize in Physics : 1932

“We must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing, a wakefulness that is the birthright of us all ” Plotinus

Each one of us is entirely woven into the whole conscious Universe and everything that lives.

This isn’t how we generally see the world.

A more usual take on our human reality is that we’re entirely separate from each other and the world around us.

This sense of separation can be dissolved however, when we pay attention to the conscious space inside us.

When we momentarily focus our attention inside ourselves, we can realize intuitively that a spacious universal awareness, the inexpressible source of all life, exists everywhere, and inside all of us.

We can discover our intuitive connection into universal consciousness, the cosmic field of intelligence and energy that orchestrates and joins all life throughout the Universe.

And we can also discover the intuitive guidance that happens in our life when we tune in to the underlying synchronistic intelligence of universal consciousness.

These intuitive insights often emerge spontaneously for many people during their life, but are only regularly available to us when we pay attention to the conscious awareness inside ourselves.

Remarkably though, this mindfulness, the simple process of being consciously present and regularly focusing our attention in the conscious space inside ourselves, isn’t widely practiced.

The realization of an intuitive connection into consciousness in the Universe remains largely unknown, even while we face multiple large issues on our planet.

Many of us are still living with a mindset we inherit from the past, a common worldview for many people today, that sees life through the prism of separation, holds that matter is the only reality in the world, and offers no recognition of anything that’s not an immediate tactile or visual experience.

This historical worldview assumes consciousness to be generated by our separate human brain rather than existing as a universal cosmic field our brain tunes into and we all participate in.

These persuasive cultural norms and ways of seeing are so deeply embedded in us that they continue to distort our way of living in the world.

We continue to insist on the primacy of matter and the separation of all things from each other, despite the fact that, for nearly a century, researchers in physics have known that all ‘material stuff’ actually consists of clusters of tiny wave patterns in a field of cosmic energy.

Letting go of separation thinking happens when we become aware of the conscious space inside us that exists prior to all thought.

Being consciously present here and now, helps us dissolve the thinking that sometimes emerges inside us to separate us from the world and each other.

If we only pay attention to our thoughts, and never pay attention to the one conscious space inside all of us that our thoughts emerge from, we can lose touch with something crucial to our well-being.

We’re the living human expressions of an unlimited consciousness existing throughout the Universe, an inexpressible conscious space transforming itself into the precisely orchestrated biochemistry of our bodies, allowing us to live life as a human being.

We’re here on this planet, not as a consequence of a random cosmic accident, but because a field of universal consciousness and energy is continuously transforming itself into all life throughout the Universe.

This spatial cosmic intelligence-organism is the primary stuff of the Universe and everything that lives is a continuously generated expression of it, a vibrational altering of itself that allows it to become visible and touchable as trees, flowers, human beings and all life everywhere.

Like a three-dimensional music becoming visible moment by moment, the streaming flows of tiny vibrational resonances we describe as cell biochemistry, are emerging continuously out of a field of cosmic energy and consciousness, and coming into appearance as living-cell biochemistry and living beings.

Trillions of precisely orchestrated biochemical reactions are occurring throughout our human body every moment, just so we can experience our life as a human being.

We belong here on planet Earth, and each one of us has an inherent connection into consciousness in the Universe.

Each one of is an intrinsic and essential part of the living cosmic network of consciousness, intelligence and energy that joins all living beings everywhere into a single coherent organism throughout the Universe.

Practicing mindfulness regularly is a good way to find our own connection into this evolving cosmic consciousness that joins all of us together.

Focusing our attention inwardly helps us make the shift from separation to wholeness, and intuitively realize ourselves as unique human expressions of one unlimited cosmic consciousness, rather than seeing ourselves as separate and alone.

When we pay attention to this inner conscious space, it dissolves us into itself and brings insight and intuitions emerging from it into our awareness.

Some of these insights and intuitions may help us find our own way to contribute to solving some of the problems emerging from the several global crises we now face.

Both the 2020 pandemic and climate change remind us how small the planet really is and how we’re all involved together in bringing about productive change.

The reality of living in a separate human body is usually so at the center of our mind that it persuades us that our conscious awareness is also separate.

A few moments focusing our attention in the inner core of ourselves tends to gently dissolve this illusion.

We can intuitively realize the deepest and most universal consciousness that exists inside all of us, the conscious awareness that dissolves all apparent separation between us.

Rather than seeing ourselves as separate and alone, we can begin to see ourselves as the living expressions of one evolving field of consciousness inside all of us, and in all space everywhere.

A single cosmic field of consciousness is expressing itself as all material form and all experience of that form.

We’re the living expressions of a universal cosmic intelligence that’s transforming itself into our human body for the duration of a human life.

Paul Mulliner 2020

This article was first published here on on April 19th 2020