Every-day life can be very chaotic. You have a million and one things to accomplish and everyone is pulling at you from different directions. You put on your Super Woman hat in the morning and set out to conquer the day, just hoping to survive with enough energy to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Based on our experience, typically by the time you get home all you can think about it having a big glass of wine and going to bed. The last thing on your mind is reminding the person who is there to support you through it all, how much he means to you.

Men may be men, but they still need words of affirmation just as much as we do.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder, and we’ve got your back. Here are 18 things you should never forget to tell the person you love.

1. That Was Thoughtful

Thank him when he goes out of his way, he does it because he loves you. It feels good to be appreciated.

2. I Was Thinking About You Today

There is a good chance he crossed your mind a time or two during the day, let him know.

3. You Are So Sexy

We all want to feel sexy, but we are our own worst critics. Men are no different.

4. I Am So Grateful For You

You wouldn’t be where you are today without him, make sure he feels that.

5. You Make Me Happy

You’re happiness is your own, but the person you love makes it even better. He deserves to know that.

6. Go Have Fun

When he is heading to the local pub to watch the game with his guys, support him.

7. Thank You for Being You

Too often we try to fix the people we love. Stop it, and appreciate him for what he already brings to the table.

8. You Make My World a Better Place to Be

Life is good, but life is even better with him. Let him know you would rather experience this life with him in it.

9. I Am a Better Woman Because of You

The person you love should motivate and inspire you to grow. You put in the work, but give him a little credit.

10. I Am Crazy About You

You will always have your ups and downs, but he’s the reason your heart beats faster than ever before.

11. You Rock My World

Sex is the one thing you share with your partner that you don’t share with anyone else; tell him why he’s the only one you want.

12. I Miss You

Missing someone is an important part of a healthy relationship. He is not too proud to catch your feelings.

13. I Am Sorry

No one is exempt from doing the wrong thing and saying the wrong thing sometimes. Be accountable.

14. You Are Right

Proceed with caution: but when he’s right, tell him he’s right. Every man needs an ego boost sometimes.

15. I Hear You, and I Understand

When he speaks, listen to understand, not to respond. Then, let him know his feelings have been heard.

16. I Can Work On That

Put your pride to the side. We can all afford to work a little harder at our relationships. Give him one hundred.

17. What Do You Need From Me

There are five love languages and there is a good chance yours are different. Ask him how you can help fill his cups.

18. I Love You

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to be loved, you can never tell him enough.

In a world where the little things are so easily overlooked from the inevitable distractions of life, we want you to never forget that something small can still light up a room. Your words of affirmation are more powerful than you can imagine, and can make all the difference in your happily ever after.

Share with me what you think you should always tell the person you love.


  • Alex Wise

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