When asked about my intro, my first response is about what I “do” as a profession, then as a mum and eventually to add some spice I finish saying that I am a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan. I know, cheesy right?

Since childhood, my father always used to say, “sab salaam kursi ko hota hai” ( the adulation is for the position, not the person). He being in a senior official position knew it and held his title lightly. What it did was that Post retirement he kn ew and didn’t care, when from palatial houses we moved into our own humble home, didn’t have a battery of orderlies, had to drive his own car and blah blah…you get the drift. At that time, I didn’t realize, but today I connect the dots and know that he lived what he said and hence transitioned with much ease. He could do it cause he didn’t become his label.

It is so important to keep this on the top of the mind. We are not our professions, roles, labels…we are so much larger than that. I know at gyan level we all know it, but at the most cellular level, at the level of our beingness do we really live it?

We may have earned some labels with our hard work others may have been handed down to us. I take pride in each one of them. And I know I don’t want to just “become” or be restricted by my labels. I am told by many how I should be behaving or dressing or looking or even driving a particular car just cause I am my husband’s wife. Excuse me?! The label doesn’t define Me, I wear it lightly. And that’s how I love it.  And let me confess, its hugely liberating to not care what others are thinking and even better if someone’s mental image of how “she” should be, is shattered.

My friend list (not on fb silly) include  my domestic help, the newspaper walaa, the electrician, an army Brig, CEOs, home makers, potters, guard bhaiya, driver bhaiya and so on. And trust me I can laugh and talk to them all with ease.

So who are you more than and other than your labels? I am a free spirit and choose to play all my roles to the hilt. And yes, I am a huge fan of SRK J

Reflect with me if you choose to:

Who would I be without my stories?

Who would I be beyond my roles? Or what I do?

Who would I be beyond what I know?

Who am I really and truly?

And while you are at it…play the song in the background Bulla ki jaaanaa main kaun…and btw it has nothing to do with SRK.Edit