Google told me it was National Thank God It’s Monday Day. Ironically, it is also the first Monday of a new year, and perhaps a new me. I’ve been at my 2021 health, wellness, and business goals for 4 days. Some may argue in 3 more days it will all become a habit.

While I could take this time to reflect on a rather odd year in the past or to create my resolutions for the next 365 days, the fact is I’m not one to be resolute. Each day I put my best food forward and that is that. 

You may ask, do I have goals? Of course, because I desire certain things. Things that are in line with my true north, that will help me grow and continue the journey in becoming the best me. But hearing about me, is not what National TGIM is for.

We have created National holidays for everything. Could it be an excuse to post on social channels? Or, perhaps it’s because we need something to look forward to. But, do you find it strange that the exact day many post dreadfully about is here for its annual holiday appearance in 2021?

It makes sense… We are gearing up to make new habits, healthy choices, and do big things. This is the Monday that kicks it off. Fake it until you make it- but today, damn it, we are going to make it.

Yes, this is the Monday of all Mondays. So hold on tight, because every dream is coming true. For some, it just may. Our timing, our success, our desires all look so different- May we embrace that. 

I discussed the beginning of the week with my love. Mondays are the beginning of his week. The day the to-do list and plan are made for the week. In essence, it’s the day to get up and go to work.  For myself, Monday is the second day of the week. Sunday is my first day of the week. The day I take some soul time. The day I look at the week ahead. The day I pause. The day I find space and silence. 

Monday’s can be daunting, but aren’t we all grateful for Monday’? The change in pace. A different routine. A day to keep us accountable. A day to prepare. A day to do. A day to take a walk. A day to find stillness. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, we can do anything. We can complain. We can cry. We can hate. But we can also love. We can laugh. We can choose our actions and reactions. 

Dreadful Mondays are part of the burnout we all feel. Life has changed. There are different rules, and different is good. It allows perspective. It also allows us to look at our thought patterns, habits, work, and wellness. If we had the TGIM attitude every Monday, perhaps we would be more attuned to living in balance. 

Monday is a day with a title. Buddha once said, “the past is the past, tomorrow is not here, all you have is today.” Each day we have choices. Choices that stay with us. But each day, we have that day. 

How are you living it? Is it a nose-to-the-grind-stone day where you forget to connect with those around you? Do you honor yourself by allowing 30 minutes of uninterrupted me time? 

I know this Monday and all the rest, I’m choosing to find stillness. To listen. To watch. To breathe. To connect. To love. To laugh. To smile. 

Life is too short. And things can change so fast. TGIT- Thank God It’s Today. Because today I have a new day to live, laugh, and love. All I have is today. I’m choosing to live it. 

What will you choose for today and every day?