Sunset Park residents and businesses will now be connected to renewable energy through a collectively-owned community solar project.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn – The Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) will be the new location of a community solar energy system which is being developed and operated by a group of companies – the first cooperatively owned renewable energy project in New York State.  This project stands to connect a multitude of New Yorkers and businesses to an affordable, clean energy service on a subscription basis.

Even though there has been an increase in the use of solar technology in recent years, investing in solar energy has been difficult due to space requirements, the cost of installation, and an absence of rooftop ownership. The expansive area available on the rooftop of the BAT has the capability to provide New York City with renewable energy. Meanwhile, the cooperative will be leveraging the space of this City-owned asset and offsetting subscribers energy costs.  Additionally, subscribers are cooperative owners of the solar garden; participating in the administration of the project and in the long-term have the potential to earn dividends.

The capacity for solar power has gone up more than four times since the beginning of the de Blasio administration, supplying over 140 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy and supporting over 2,700 jobs across the city. Moreover, there is another 60 MW in the midst of being installed.  These endeavors contribute to the Mayor’s objective of having 1 gigawatt of solar installed across the city by 2030, which would be able to provide power to 250,000 residents.

“Renewable energy is vital to meeting our urgent climate goals,” said Mark Chambers, Director of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. “As the first-cooperatively owned community solar garden anywhere in the state, this project will bring solar power to hundreds of families and businesses who otherwise lack access to clean energy alternatives. This groundbreaking project’s benefits don’t end there: it will also result in cleaner air, lower costs and more jobs for New York City.”

An 80,000 square foot community solar system will be developed by 770 Electric Corp. along with UPROSE, Co-op Power, Resonant Energy and Solar One on the BAT rooftop.  Roughly 200 residents and businesses in the area are expected to benefit from the project, generating over $1 million in energy savings for residents of New York over a 25 year period. The Sunset Park solar garden is expected to be fully operational towards the end of 2019. Residents who have subscribed to the project will make payments on a monthly basis for which they will receive solar energy credits to discount their energy costs.

Residents interested in the project can visit for more information.

What is truly exceptional about the solar project at the BAT, is that it is the first of its kind; leveraging the rooftop area in a heavily populated urban environment and distributing ownership amongst subscribers.  Another notable communal component to this project is that the installation of the project will be carried out by local job trainees hired by 770 Electric Corp.

770 Electric Corp. (WBE) and its affiliate Grid City Electric were founded in 2006, a family operated professional solar installation company.  The company can boast more than 12 years of residential and commercial experience in the New York City and Long Island solar industry. Furthermore, it has also developed and installed a multitude of effective solar projects in conjunction with City agencies, non-profit partners and providers of affordable housing.

President of 770 Electric Corp., Sandy Bar stated, “770 Electric Corp. could not be more proud to be part of this fantastic community-based solar project at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.  As a local Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) solar installer, we understand the importance of these projects to bring renewable power to a broader demographic. This project will give many local electric ratepayers access to clean renewable power at an affordable rate.  We are honored to be a part of this team and to support the proliferation of clean energy in many more communities throughout New York. We can only hope that with the success of this project, NYCEDC will continue to utilize its roofs to make solar more accessible across New York City.”

BAT has evolved into something of an epicenter for modern-day manufacturing, housing more than 100 companies producing everything from 3D printed clothing and sustainable furniture to luxury chocolates. The BAT currently is home to roughly 4,000 jobs. Last year NYCEDC commemorated 100 years since its beginnings, revealing a 500, 000 square foot space for new and cutting-edge tenants, over 1,000 new jobs as well as progressive programs dedicated to connecting residents to job opportunities and modern skills.  

Contributed by 770 Electric Corp., A Certified Women’s Business Enterprise And An Industry Leader In Commercial Solar Development In NYC. 770 Electric Corp. Is The Exclusive Partner Of Grid City Electric Call 770 Electric Corp. at (516) 596-7430 For More Information.


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