Gratitude is one of the most beautiful components of happiness. It’s the powerful key to appreciating things, even on the most strenuous days. But what is gratitude to you? For me, it might be a state of mind when you’re consciously grateful for things and people in your life. It can also be thought of as acknowledging what and for whom you’re grateful, like calling up your favourite persons and telling them how much they mean to you.

However, it’s the easiest task on earth to be ungrateful, isn’t it? It’s easy to cherish things we don’t have. It’s even easier to blame our creator for why things didn’t fall into place according to our plan.

You’ll hear a lot that determination and dedication produce success. I believe being grateful for even the tiniest things in daily life opens the door to a life of sunshine and true happiness. Therefore picked up my all-time favourite quote.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Robert Brault.
Find Your One Reason To Be Grateful

Today I would love to share two simple reasons to let you know, my friend, how gratitude can marvellously change your life. So, there you go.

1. Gratitude Brings Your Inner Happiness :

Grateful thinking promotes the relishing of positive life experiences. You will be able to extract the highest possible gratification and enjoyment from your current circumstances. When you can visualize how much people have done for you or how much you have accomplished in your temporary life, you feel more confident and contented.

 The expression of gratitude brings changes in your moral behavior. Grateful people are more likely to help others. Helping someone, being compassionate having no expectations-These heavenly qualities grow subconsciously within you. When you live more for others than you, you’ll feel the happiness that you never felt before.

Say Thank You & Express Your Gratitude Today

2. Gratitude Is A Pathway To Success :

Gratitude can change your life from a messy fellow to a successful one because it is the most powerful source of inspiration that you can tap into if you just stop and pay attention to the simplistic beauty and miracle of life.Oprah Winfrey is a noble example of practising gratitude who is amazingly known for her dedication and consistency in her gratitude journaling.

Being grateful inspires you to work harder to achieve your dreams. It pushes you to reflect on beautiful abstract things, like love, joy, and peace, which can fuel your emotions to work on your achievements. It lets you become contented in your own happiness rather than focusing on unimportant distractions and challenges that can hinder your success.

There was a time in my life too where I could find nothing, it seemed for which to be grateful. Then, a trusted friend told me to note down the good in my life and trust me, it worked. So, grab a pen and write up 5 things for which you are grateful. Write it today, not tomorrow, and can share your success story with me too, someday.

How To Adopt Gratitude

Now you know why gratitude is important, it’s worth noting some simple ways of practising gratitude in your everyday life. I would like to share the two easiest ways that I adopted in my tiny life. Sharing is caring, so here they are.

Keep A Gratitude Jar

For every moment of gratitude, I write a note on a piece of colourful paper and toss it into a jar. When I feel heavy or gloomy, I open up the notes and remind myself of all the wonderful moments I was grateful for throughout the year.

You can try this and let me know if it worked or not.

Write Up A Letter

Handwritten letters do carry beautiful loving energy! Not only you are sharing your thoughts with this person, but that person may be inspired to pay it forward to someone else who needed.

You never know one simple act of appreciation can change someone’s life for the better. The beauty of practising gratitude in small steps throughout your day acts as a ripple of positivity in your relationships and social community. So, take a break and write a letter to someone you’re grateful for.

Have you written your letter today?

You may never have thought regarding gratitude, nor how you might benefit from being grateful. The moment of appreciation that isn’t expressed is a chance of showing love that is lost forever. So why would you stay silent when the opportunity comes to bring radiance to someone else’s life?

I believe gratitude is also all about “paying it forward.” It inspires us to keep the loving momentum going, and eventually “pay it forward” to someone else.