Bethany Londyn manifestion alignment catalyst

I’ve been leading a 21 days of abundance course along with the meditations of Deepak Chopra. The course and exercises I’ve been sharing have been so influential for myself and others that I am now bringing it to a 49-day course. Thus far in my coaching, I would say the number one thing for creating abundance in your life, has been to be in an attitude of gratitude. 

Gratitude for it all. 

Be in appreciation of the good and the bad. 

To fully incorporate gratitude on both levels, there are two main exercises that I’ve been practicing. 

Every morning and night, I have made these my habit. 


First thing in the morning, I stretch my body in bed into a YES position (arms wide open). 

Then I say to myself, “I am so grateful to be alive and to get another day!” 

This moment of appreciation for life supports me in starting the day off, knowing how awesome it is to be alive—being in the YES energy, which also opens me up to receiving continued blessings.

Now, the reason gratitude is so supportive in manifesting abundance is because of the EXPERIENCE and FEELINGS that surround this state of gratitude. It is essential to tap into the energetic space of gratitude in order to demonstrate what we would like to create. 


At night I work on expanding my awareness and acknowledging my feelings. For me to understand them, I take a moment at night to answer these two questions in my daily journal.

1- What made me feel good that day?

2- What made me feel bad that day?

When I pay attention to what made me feel good, I know that I get to expand upon those experiences. We want to bring more of the warm fuzzy appreciative times into our life. 

For example, I’ve noticed my happiest moments are morning walks with my dog while paying attention to my connection with nature, along with cuddles with my partner. 

These two activities put me instantly into a state of gratitude. Side note, if I’m having an awful day or sad, now I also have cultivated a ton of responses for myself on what can shift that negative energy. 

For the bad moments, I give acknowledgment to what made me feel that way. I take a second to recognize how that negative experience actually supported me. By shifting the energy of the bad feelings to ones of gratitude, I’m basically clearing the negative energy of the day.

Another example, yesterday, I felt behind all day, which made me feel bad. When I analyze the day, the reason I was behind was that I had some conversations with clients that went over our allotted time, which then caused pressure in my day hence why I called it a “bad” feeling. 

My core value is connection and supporting people, so I can now recognize that I was living my dream all day and that “being behind” really wasn’t a bad thing at the end of it all.

These two processes put a smile on my face and a smiling experience throughout my body. 

The actions have also really supported my awareness because I’m not necessarily thinking about the positives when something negative happens during the day. 

Looking back and shifting, it makes a massive difference if you can’t catch it at the moment. I am continually working on being in the space of reframing situations, though. An attitude of gratitude supports my life, feeling harmonious and magical for my clients as well.

Deepak calls the flowing magical experiences, synchrodestiny. We will not get to this magical space if we don’t come from love and gratitude first.

Let’s do our best to all get into the flow of synchrodestiny.

Wishing you infinite blessings!

~ Bethany