Our 2 Cockaliers are crossbreeds of a Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Crissy age 8 and Macy age 6. They joined our family at 12 weeks old and soon found the inroads to our hearts. Here are 5 priceless survival lessons they taught us during lockdown and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  1. Love others equally and above all else. Crissy is our outgoing pup with Walmart Greeter as her nickname. She has an unending supply of love and greets everyone with bright brown eyes and a sincerely wagging tail. Crissy loves people before she even gets to know them and treats everyone equal. Her unconditional love of everyone regardless of political affiliation, religious affiliation, cultural background or socioeconomic status bodes well for a reminder that all persons are valuable and deserving of equal access to medical care, financial assistance, and economic protection during COVID-19. We participate in lockdown and shelter-in-place to protect those who are more vulnerable like Grandma and Papa whom Crissy dearly loves. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could see life the way Crissy does, our ruby pup who considers each one equally and places their needs ahead of her own?

2. Social distancing can become a way of life for awhile. Macy is our introverted tricolor Cockalier pup who cautiously stands back and assesses the situation before meeting new people or new dogs. Macy has naturally taught us to incorporate social distancing standards into daily life for safety and her personal security. Staying at a distance during COVID-19 is a life saving measure that requires us to stand back and assess the need for wearing a face mask, standing 6 feet away from those who do not reside within our immediate home, and being a bit wary of a formidable foe, COVID-19. Macy understands that with a little pondering and assessment, we can evaluate a social situation for safety and act accordingly for awhile.

3. Long walks outside do the heart and soul good at times like these. Both pups have been inspirational in teaching us that long days inside during recent weeks can be tolerated best by getting some fresh air. Crissy reminds us during the walks of her affinity for all whom she encounters along the way while Macy reminds us to practice social distancing. Both pups walk vigorously and truly enjoy the fresh air with their long ears flapping in the Spring breeze. You can almost see a smile on their faces when they are on a quick-paced walk around the neighborhood. A reminder from our pups that exercise, fresh air and a change of scenery refresh our spirits and rejuvenate our minds during COVID-19.

4. Downtime and naptime are needed and should be encouraged daily. As Americanswe have mastered busy schedules where we run from sun up to sundown 7 days a week. We can no longer say 24/7 as we really live in hyper mode of insane speeds that are more accurately described as 48/14. We are often heard saying 24 hours is not enough time in a day. Recently, during our longer and more frequent stay-at-home or shelter-in-place days, we have found room for additional naps and much needed downtime. Crissy and Macy beckon us to come and sit nearby while catching a few winks and truly embracing a quiet time. Only the gentle snoring of our pups breaks through the silence. These 2 adorable pups have shown us that silence is golden and to be cherished. Hopefully, this lesson of taking more downtime for rest and relaxation will remain long after the 2020 Pandemic subsides.

5. Contentment is belonging and being present with family members. All that our 2 pups really ask of us everyday is to allow them to belong to our family unit and that we set aside time to really be present and together. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for community and for a desire to be with their support persons or family group as a wholly intact unit. Both Crissy and Macy take inventory of which family members are home and where they are within the house or what the family member is doing. If they hear someone downstairs in the kitchen making food, both pups will jump up from an almost sound sleep to run and check it out. The pups have learned that true contentment is knowing that they have basic needs met. Food, shelter, protection, love, affection and belonging are what the pups use as their definition of contentment. We can learn much about what is truly important in life from our puppy pals.

The things we previously thought were so important; these seem so small and insignificant during a COVID-19 Pandemic. The proverbial rat race where we spent so much energy and time has left us with a deep empty void. Take us back to a simpler time before internet and social media when people were content to be in the moment and make that moment truly count! Those moments in life that take our breath away and become treasured memories. All the knowledge needed for survival during a worldwide Pandemic can be learned from 2 sweet puppy girls, our precious Crissy and Macy. These life lessons are priceless. Standing the test of time. Holding true for many generations to come. Dog wisdom. Awesome life lessons. Pandemic pearls.

Crissy naps at Gramma and Papa’s house