20’s is a time to fall in love with yourself, your perfections and imperfections.

1. You are only responsible for yourself

In my deep introspection I had an epiphany, that in this life I am only responsible for myself. I don’t have to check up on anyone, I can move to a new city whenever I want, I can change my address or I can lose my mobile network while mountaineering for a month without being answerable to anyone! This was a great realisation, as much as love is warm and fuzzy the personal responsibility is cool and airy!

2. Self Love

Youth is a notorious stage for not loving oneself enough. When you constantly have someone to validate you or your life depends on the validation of your boyfriend/fiancĂ©/husband, you don’t take your opinions or choices seriously enough. However if you are young and alone, you are your best friend/boyfriend/husband! You try new things even if it embarrasses you or experiment with life that no sane person would ever dare to. Ultimately you become conscious of your mind and habits, thereby falling in love with yourself.

These were the 2 main reason I feel that 20’s are your selfish years and should be spent in discovering yourself. Sure, being with someone whom you love and who loves you back is the ultimate dreams that Hollywood tries to portray in the movies bt what about the freedom of youth? What about falling in love with yourself the way you want someone to fall in love with you? So take yourself to dates, have warm coffee while taking a shower, move to a new city and change your hairstyle every month because YOU are Young, Wild and Free.