Let me guess… You are living your life without purpose and meaning, and you don’t know where to find purpose and meaning.

You walk through life, feeling numb and desperate for a deeper connection, but aren’t sure how to get it.

It is important to live a life that has purpose and to feel that your life means something. Stay with me, I am about to offer you some techniques and tools to help you find your life purpose. But first the basics.

What is a life purpose?

Is it a career choice? Is it your dream of building a profitable business, make a hit record or start a family? Nope. All these are goals my friend, not a life purpose, but they could be fueled by your purpose in life. So what is a life a purpose?

Purpose is what it’s left after you let go of all the “shoulds,” doubts and fears, cynicism and self-criticism. When you are free to play, experiment, create, learn, share, love, care, teach, transform or heal. It is how you care and share at any time, with anyone.

Purpose is all the ways you can contribute to making the life of others better, while enjoying the process yourself.

What were you doing when you were 7 to 14 years old?

Remember what were you doing when you felt most alive, most awake. You may need to go down to the memory lane between the ages of 7-14. More and more research shows that what you loved doing during this period is an absolute key, the key indicator to what you are good at, what your gift is, what you are meant to do. Go ahead and ask your parents or grandparents between the age of 7 to 14 what did you love doing, when did you feel most switched on, what activities most inspired you?

You are going to be surprised by the answers, or… maybe not.

Fast forward to the end

Take the answers you got and think about death. I know it is a little bit edgy to think about the end of your life while you are searching for your life’s meaning and purpose. Do it anyway. Thinking about death forces us to zero in on what’s actually important in our lives. So, ask yourself:

What do you want your epitaph to be? What do you want your grandkids to say about you? What is your legacy going to be? What is your obituary going to say?

Write it down

Take out a blank sheet of paper and write all the answers that pop into your head from the previous realizations. Keep writing until you write the answer that makes you cry. This is your purpose.

Remember to breathe

Don’t get too stressed about this or put too much pressure on yourself about clarifying your purpose. Breathe. What matters is becoming bigger than yourself. Once you do, you learn that you have a purpose in life.

Chrisa T.S.

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