It is always difficult when you find yourself with debts that have accumulated for long. This can be even more stressful if your income is not matching with the debts you have. This is when you consider that there are other financial obligations to meet such as running a family or being a sole breadwinner. In this article, I will talk about 2 ways which you can apply in order to achieve the debt relief and live a normal life like before.

1. Self-Payment Initiative

First, you need to come up with the total sum of debt that you have, may be to one person/organization or to various creditors. This can be written down in a paper or maybe professionally recorded in an excel sheet. After that, you can try to call or even email the creditors informing them about your financial state and try to discuss with them about the mode of payments maybe in instalments or interest’s reduction or even offering a grace period.

2. Debt Consolidation programs

These are programs where you put all your debts in one account in order to do away with debts that have a high-interest rate, allows monthly payments that are relatively lower and helping you in making just one payment to that account. These programs do not change or lower the amount of debt that you have. Eventually, you will end up paying the same total balance.

Getting loans to pay the debts from a Sacco, Banks, Financial institution or any other source is a method you can use to consolidate all your debts. With this, you will be making lower payments to repay the loan compared to the big sum you would have paid your creditors.


Despite debts being stressful, there is still hope in living without worries about the debts through applying the two ways to achieve debt relief.

Since debts are sometimes inevitable, it is good to use the two ways discussed above to settle them quickly and effectively. However, if you are able to avoid them, the better. 


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