Starting your day with positive affirmations is proven to be hugely beneficial to your life. I’ve put together this list of 20 that I love and for the record now use!

1. ”My day will be full of optimism and happiness. I surround myself with optimism and happiness today.”

2. ”My day will be full of positivity. I gratefully receive positivity into my life today.”

3. ”Only positivity enters my life; I surrounded myself with positivity and goodness.” 

4. ”I have amazing interactions with people today. I make friends easily and everybody loves who I am.” 

5. ”I only expect good in my life today. Goodness and positivity flow to me wherever I go. Everywhere I go shines positivity.”

6. ”I expect the best today. I am the best. And everyone treats me with respect and kindness. Only this goodness comes to me today.”

7.  ”Today will be the most amazing day ever. I gratefully receive all the treasures that the universe has to offer me today.”

8. ”The universe is looking after me, it brings me the best, so I expect the best. I surround myself with the magic of the universe.” 

9.  ”My work today will see me get great rewards at work. I get the best from my career and job today. I am grateful for this.”

10. ”I am grateful for this beautiful morning and day. I am lucky and happy to be alive. I am grateful to the universe for another day.”

11. ”There is so much in life to be thankful for. I have an amazing life, with great abundance and positivity. Everything in my life is awesome!”

12. ”I am full of motivation and happiness today. I can complete whatever comes my way, no task is too big or too small today.” 

13. ”Everything goes my way today; the universe is giving me the best day I can possibly have today. I am grateful for this!”

14. ”I am grateful for everything in my life, the home I have and the food I am grateful to eat. I am thankful for these things in my life.”

15. ”I treat everyone with kindness and respect. How I treat others, is how I treat myself. I treat others how I want to be treated.”

16. ”I start the day with a smile. A smile brings hope and job into my life. It also brings positivity into my life.” 

17. ”My life is fantastic in every single way. I have an amazing life and I am truly grateful and happy for the life that I do have!” 

18. ”I am grateful for my good health. My good health gives me the ability to do so many things in life. I only have gratitude for my good health.”

19. ”Nothing can stop me today. I will be motivated and achieve all my goals today. I am ready with optimism to achieve my goals!”

20. ”Today I will do the things that I love to do. My day will be spent doing the things I want. I am grateful that I can spend my life in this way!” 

About the writer

Sally Kirchell lives in Rosalie, Brisbane and helps run an online art business with 2 sites called Beyond a Word Art and Blue Horizon Prints, she is a mother of 2 lively children, a parent to 3 dogs, a keen writer, traveller and photographer and women that needs a holiday with lots of margaritas after juggling all these things.