One of life’s biggest dilemmas is to decide whether to prioritize health, your family‚Äôs safety or saving time to accomplish work stuffs. The general notion is that the faster a meal gets ready, the more unhealthy it is, or the lesser it provides in terms of nutrition. However, that notion cannot be more wrong. There are several meals that can be prepared in the blink of an eye and have an excellent nutritive value.

It is often the case that we do not find time in our daily hectic routine to devote too much time to our cooking and whipping up meals.

Here are 20 meals which save our time, as well as provide the nutrients that keep us going through our day.

Oatmeal and fruit

A classic, healthy and efficient breakfast, oats provide the basic energy in order to get us off our feet in the morning, and the added goodness of fruits like banana provide the vitamins while being easy to make and eat within minutes.

Peanut butter sandwiches

Peanut butter goes exceedingly well with bread, provides us with crucial proteins and fatty acids, and most importantly, takes less than a minute to make. A perfect breakfast option for people pressed for time, and quite tasty as well!

Chicken salad

Light, airy and leafy, nothing compliments delicious glazed chicken as well as green leafy vegetables and added condiments. A chicken salad tops the healthy foods list. It is easy to make, and is the perfect meal for a soft lunch or a snack.

Gourmet omelet

The egg is the perfect protein. A spiced up, quickly made omelet never goes amiss and provides a whole range of nutrients that can keep you going for the whole day effectively. It is the ideal breakfast for a busy person who also wants to keep things spiced up!

Tuna sandwiches

Tuna is a fish that is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acid that helps in recovery and improves brain health. Ready-made Tuna mixes are easily available, and one can whip themselves up a Tuna sandwich with ease for some good protein and healthy fats.

Meat wraps

It is as simple as it sounds. Meat, preferably chicken, is wrapped in bread, whole wheat for more nutrition. Elementary is perfect in this case, as the protein and carbohydrates ensure a healthy, nutritive snack while being a tasty too.

Homemade tacos

Tacos are a bunch of rolled up goodness. Offering all kinds of nutrients depending on what we include in it, beans, lettuce, cabbage, and meat are a staple when it comes to traditional tacos. An enjoyable and filling snack.

BLT Sandwich

A breakfast classic, the bacon lettuce tomato sandwich is a complete meal and offers lean protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as carbohydrates. It takes little to no time to toss together as well. Perfect for a quick morning munch.

Chicken and leek broth

Simple, delicious and nutritious, chicken and leek broth is a low key meal and is consumed as a light dinner or lunch. However, it can be brewed in a jiffy and provides nutrition in the form of protein, roughage, carbohydrates, and minerals.

Hummus and pita bread

Ever popular among the Mediterranean food lovers, hummus and pita bread is easily available and provides glutamine and other fatty acids, along with digestible carbohydrates for the body to work with. It forms a light and healthy meal.


All the nutrition and food value of a fruit and milk or yogurt in a thick, liquid, tasty form. That is the essence of a smoothie, and is universally popular and consumed at leisure due to how convenient it is to make, and how good it tastes.

Eggs Benedict

Another British classic on our list, eggs benedict is an egg dish that is the first choice when it comes to nutrition. Requiring minimal preparation and garnishing, it involves the protein offered by Eggs in a simple, charming, molten way.

Chicken burritos

Effective hunger killer in the evening as a snack, burritos are simple and delicious, while packing a nutritive punch. A simple roll combined with beans, salsa and veggies make this dish a quick hunger fix, providing with you all the vitamins you need.


Cheese, vegetables, and smoked meat. Quesadillas are delicious, nutritious and easy to make. The cheese ensures carb dosage and it is perfectly complemented by protein and veggies. Easy to make and bake, quesadillas are the perfect snack.

Herb egg fried rice

The perfect choice for a busy cook, few spices, eggs, and vegetables make for excellent condiments in fried rice. Bringing out the nutrition from the rice, frying it is the quickest and tastiest bet for a satisfying snack.

Stir-fried vegetables

Stir-frying vegetables is a healthy option if one wants to enjoy veggies paired with a meat of his choice. An effective stir-fry ensures the taste is emphasized in both the meat and the vegetables, all in a few minutes of cooking.

Corned beef

Corned or minced beef is delicious and doesn’t eat up much of your time either. Minced or corned beef can be consumed with a salad or individually. It provides an effective choice for a quick and nutritious breakfast.

Stuffed baked apples

Who said desserts couldn’t be healthy? Stuffed apples are delicious, and provide the nutritive goodness of apples and the stuffing of walnut served with a semi-sweet syrup. Easy to prepare in requiring minimal equipment, this dish is one to savor.

Peanut butter chocolate banana bites

The simplest of sweet recipes, it involves banana slices coated with peanut butter on either side and wrapped in semi-sweet chocolate following which it is baked. It provides essential fats and vitamins, as well as is a tasty dessert.

Chocolate coated oats

All you need for this recipe is oats, some dark chocolate, and a refrigerator. Molten chocolate is used as a coating for balls of oats, following which these balls are frozen. These make for a 10-minute delicious dessert.

Time management is key, and if there are food options which are nutritive as well as save our time, we must use them often. Establishing few if these foods in our daily routine, as well as changing it up on occasion due to the variety of options provided in the list, will do a great deal of help in maintaining the efficiency and productivity of our day.