There are 144 days left in the year counting today.

That’s about 20 weeks and some change.

Without freaking you out about 2020 or coming up with some pithy connection about the year and seeing clearly and all that jazz, I thought I’d take a moment and give you a bit of good-old-fashioned in-spuh-ray-shun today…

So here are 20 (a big two zero) ideas to help you get your mojo back and put a little pep back in your step:

  1. Break up with one energy stealer in your life.
  2. Sit down and write out one big goal for this month and the last four of 2019.
  3. Hop online and purchase a webpage for that business idea you’ve been dreaming about.
  4. Flip your mattress, buy yourself a new set of sheets, and a better pillow.
  5. Take a drive to your neighboring town and have lunch at a local cafe.
  6. Go for a silent hike in the closest park near your house.
  7. Leave work early every night for a week straight.
  8. Cancel all your unused and un-needed memberships.
  9. Handwrite a “Thank You” card to five people you know, love, and needed this year.
  10. Put your Out-Of-Office on and spend a weekend without looking at a screen.
  11. Buy five magazines, a piece of poster board, then grab scissors and some glue and make a vision board.
  12. Take yourself on an all-day date to all your favorite local spots.
  13. Try to experience 50 sunrises and 50 sunsets before December 31st.
  14. Give up sugar for one month out of the next four.
  15. Take a different coworker (or neighbor) to lunch or coffee once a week for the rest of the year.
  16. Take a look back at 2019 so far and make a list of one high and one low for each month.
  17. Journal about what those moments taught you.
  18. Find a place to volunteer for 20 hours over the next 20 weeks (who doesn’t have one hour a week?).
  19. Use September for #16, October for #17, November for #9, and December for #11.
  20. Print this list out and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day for the next 20 weeks.

Or, don’t and keep muddling along through life. Accepting the status quo on cruise control. Dead inside.

The choice is yours, amigo.

Why not choose life?

Here’s to living on purpose…

Steve Knox

PS. Every day is a blank slate. A do-over. Today is your day. So, wake up, shake yesterday off, be grateful, and start getting your mojo back for the next 24 hours. 


  • Steve Knox

    Executive Coach + Writer

    Knox Consulting Group, LLC

    Steve Knox is the author of Smooth Running WeirdConfidence: The Science & Art of Self-BeliefThe Asymmetrical Leader; the founder of imprint, and a sought after speaker on the topics of leadership, spirituality, and well-being. Some of the best companies on the planet have trusted Steve to develop and invest in their people. He splits time between Houston, TX and Sydney, AU.