things money can't buy

Making more money is something we should all do to achieve our goals, help others in need, and to have choices in life. It is for the betterment of our own experience in life. There is no issue in making money but prioritizing making money as a purpose of life and believing that it can buy anything. 

Money does help us in so many aspects of life. Thus we are all looking after more opportunities to make money. However, money is not the most stand-alone important thing in life. It is not worth sacrificing all the other essential things in life.

Before you start viewing money as your purpose and believing that it can buy anything, you should learn the 20 invaluable things money can’t buy. 

1. Happiness:

Money doesn’t buy happiness. It acquires pleasure. No matter how much material possession, if you don’t practice enough gratitude and learn how to become happier, you will never be satisfied. 

Time and time again, numerous wealthy people become utterly miserable, and they’re not happy in their relationships, family lives, or even their careers. So it is clear that money does not buy happiness.

But having money doesn’t mean you will be miserable either. It only means that money doesn’t directly correlate with happiness, and there are multiple more crucial factors to take into consideration to feel happy. In this article, you will learn the full guide in living a happier life.

2. Time:

No matter how rich you are, you can’t get back time once it’s gone. It’s free for everyone yet no-one can own it but use it. Each passing second is the time that will never get back. You can get more money, but you can never get more time. It is more valuable than money. 

Despite all of the scientific and medical advances, there is no practical way to extend your life significantly. The extremely wealthy have spent countless amounts of money in the vain attempt to extend their lives only to find out that they die around the same age like everyone else.

No amount of money can turn the clocks back. We must enjoy life, be grateful for whatever we have while experiencing we progress.

3. Purpose:

Finding your purpose in life is not about getting more money. Most people have the wrong understanding of thinking that their ultimate goal in life is to become rich and have all the money in the world. 

Money is just a tool which can help you to achieve your purpose. Money is not the ultimate aim that people want. Having money as your life’s purpose will make life meaningless once you get enough money. 

4. Love:

As peculiar as it may sound, money can’t buy love, and it is the truth. One funny thing about love is that having too much money may even pose a difficulty in getting true love.

For example, Everyone wants to associate with a wealthy person, due to this, it would be complicated to find true love since you may not be able to differentiate between the people who love you for who you are and those who love for what you have.

Hence, the wealthy faces even more difficulty in finding true love due to the question “would this person love me if I lost all my money?” that always come up in mind. 

I don’t mean that a wealthy person always have a terrible relationship, but money without the ability to manage relationships well will cause more harm than good in your love life. 

Also, having money may help you in making good memories with your loved ones, but in the absence of love, all the money in the world cannot build a stable relationship. Thus, money can’t buy love.

money can't buy love

5. Health:

Health is one of the crucial things in life money can’t buy. No matter how rich you are, even if you are a billionaire, you can never trade your money for health. There are many real-life cases where people sacrifice their health to pursue wealth. And in the end, their health suffers.

As Dalai Lama famously once said, ”What surprises me most is ‘Man’ sacrifices his/her health to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.”

Thus, maintain good health throughout your life. You should not become rich at the expense of your health at any point in life.

Paying medical bills and expenses are things money can buy, but it can never bring back your natural health.

6. True Friendship:

The number of people you hang out with doesn’t signify how many real friends you have while you have money. You can pay for things hoping to make people friends but don’t be surprised to find out that most of those people will disappear when you need them the most. 

 So find people you want to associate with and learn to appreciate those who have stuck by you through thick and thin because they are your real friends.

You can only make true friendship with your good acts and kind feelings towards them and not by throwing some bunch of money at them. 

7. Manners:

Manners and class are one of the things money can’t buy. You can hire the best life coach and be with the most helpful people, but if you’re not willing to put in the effort, your attitude will remain the same.

In fact, money may even make a person forget their manners because they feel like they don’t have to answer to anyone. You might have seen some of those lottery winners losing all their manners once they got some money. Thus, money can’t never buy you manners and class.

8. Confidence:

While building your confidence, you should never depend it on the materialistic possession. Relying your confidence upon external things is a dangerous thing to do, and money is one of them.

For example: If you depend your confidence upon the worldly things such as cars, appearance, and others, which money can buy; the moment you don’t have those external things, your confidence will be lost. 

You will feel insecure and worthless without those materialistic possession. Thus, you can never buy or boost confidence with the use of money, but rather it is built with clarity and wisdom in life. 

Money can't buy confidence

9. Trust:

Trust isn’t something tangible or something that you can accurately pinpoint. It is a belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone. 

Thus, from the meaning itself, you can clearly understand that it can only be built with your action and the other person’s feeling rather than paying money.

10. Inner Peace:

Money also can’t buy you peace of mind. Many of us assume that once we get rich, we will be at peace because we don’t have to worry about paying the bills or buying foods for families.

Though money does solve some problems, it doesn’t solve your internal problems. Your internal issues are deeper than just the need for cash. Thus only you can silence your inner voice through strengthening and broadening your mindset such as practicing meditation and learning about personal development.

Money can only solve your need, but not your inner peace.

11. Family:

Money can’t buy you a family. The connection between family members can only be built and maintained with love.

Love is the most crucial factor for a family and not money. If you think otherwise, you better think again. Money can indeed help support a family through tough times, but it cannot make them love or care about you. 

By pouring money when there is a need for kindness and space, you will lose the respect and love from the family members.

So show them love rather than always throwing money at them. I am not telling you to stop making money to help your family, but when it comes to family, love is more important than money. Thus, you should always maintain a proper balance.

12. Loyalty:

It’s immensely hard to find loyal and trustworthy people that it almost seems unreal when you do find one.

 Fake loyalty can be purchased, but it does come at an expense. As long as you pay money to other people, they will be loyal. But once, you don’t have enough to close their mouth; loyalty is gone.

True loyalty is when somebody is willing to protect you without anything in exchange, and it is something money can’t buy.

13. Inner beauty:

Inner beauty is a reflection of your real character rather than appearance. No amount of money can transform your real personality. You may decide to fake it, but how long can you hold onto living a fake life? 

Wealth does not change who you are on the deep inside. There are many examples of people with little wealth but a beautiful and tender-hearted inner soul.

14. Positive attitude:

You may be able to buy material possessions through money, but if you don’t have a positive attitude, everything is suffering in its own right. Thus, it is immensely important to develop positive attitide.

It is a state of mind that envisions and pays attention to positive things. You can only develop it through practice and dedication. Thus, no amount of money you possess can buy it if you aren’t willing to give what it takes.

15. Respect:

There is a misunderstanding in society that when they are rich, people will naturally respect them. No, this is not true at all. It has nothing to do with your wealth. If you are disrespectful to other people, you will be disrespected no matter the amount of wealth you possess.

Respect for yourself and others are an essential part of becoming a better person. If you don’t respect yourself, you will never make the most out of your own life. And if you don’t respect others, you will never get enough respect from others

Thus money cannot buy you respect, but your action does. 

People will talk beautiful things in front of you and help you get things done, but not because they respect you, but because you have the money to spend on them.

16. Ability to avoid emotional pain:

Both the poor and the affluent live different lives, face different struggles, but up to this point, our sensitive system is still the same. The wealthy have yet to find ways to avoid emotional pain.

When someone you love suffers or dies, the pain it derives is unrelated to the number of dollars in your bank account.

Both rich and poor experience the same feeling of unpredictability about life. Until science takes a huge further step in avoiding feelings and emotions, money can’t buy the ability to avoid emotional pain.

Thus, you should instead focus on developing a strong mindset to overcome those emotional pains rather than hoping if money could buy it.

17. Mindfulness:

Being mindfulness is priceless but crucial to a happier, stable, and healthier life.

According to a 2011 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, only 4 days of mindfulness meditation practices cut pain perception in half from its participants compared to those who did not practice.

This is only one example. Mindfulness has so many major benefits in our life. For more benefits of mindfulness, read this article.

However, money can’t buy you mindfulness if you aren’t willing to practice it.

Both the poor and rich can practice mindfulness, but it depends on their preference whether they want to make their life better or not rather than the amount of money they possess.

money can't buy you mindfulness

18. Truth:

Money may be able to suppress the truth for a while, but the fact cannot be erased. 

Often, people spend money to push beliefs or an agenda, and even to create biased research to force an opinion. But in the end, no matter how much money is spent on hiding the truth, it will always be revealed as karma would have it.

19. Talent:

Each of us is born with some expertise, and when it is properly nurtured and harnessed, it can turn into a skill. Talent comes naturally, and no amount of money can buy it. 

It explains why many people spend their entire lives trying to learn how to play one single sport while others, without any experience, plays beautifully even the first time.

Money can be used to nurture talent, but that inborn capability is something you cannot purchase with any amount of money.

20. Wisdom:

Another thing in the lists that money can’t buy is wisdom. You cannot grow more wisdom through buying it. It has a lot to do with experiencing and learning. If you want to be intelligent, you have to learn through the process of experiencing and learning it.

There is no way you can skip the process and become wise, even when you are rich. You can learn more information by buying courses, but true wisdom comes from applying and experiencing these pieces of knowledge rather than just buying it.


From what I learned in years about making money, it does help in making life easier, comfortable, and better. But having a wrong belief that money can buy anything harm your life more than any good. Still, what do you think? Do you think money has any direct correlation with about lists?

If you find these tips helpful and applicable in your daily life, do share it on the social site you are most comfortable with, so that we can together, change more people’s lives.