How many times have you looked in the mirror and judged how you body looks?

I recently had an amazing interview with accredited dietitian Nisrine Chidac where she explained that body image integrates 4 key parts: how we see, feel, think and behave towards ourself.  

You can watch the full interview on my YouTube channel: Body Image Talk 

I strongly believe there is no standards towards what beauty nor health should look like. 

Yet unfortunately we live in a society where a false image of what “healthy” and “beautiful” should look like is portrayed daily online. With social media filters, extreme diets and exercise plans, if you don’t own a pair of sexy yoga tight pants or have a vigorous exercise routine, you might as well question your whole existence.

Well, I can tell you, this is not the right standard! Most of people who live behind that “perfect” image, are not perfect at all and most of the times are not happy nor healthy. 

Health has no shape and beauty has no standards!

So the next time you look at the mirror ad judge yourself for whatever reason that might be, write down some positive affirmations and change your mind’s programming:

  1. I am beautiful just the way I am.
  2. My body reflects my true beautiful and radiant self.
  3. My body is a vessel for immense light and divinity.
  4. My body is my temple and I nourish it with the food and self-care that it needs.
  5. I love my body, I love my skin, I love my face, I love my thighs, I love my arms, I love every part of who I AM. 
  6. I am in love with every cell in my body.
  7. I am in love with my true essence and spirit. 
  8. Today I will love myself more than I ever did before.
  9. Today is the day I show the world how beautiful I am.
  10. I love my body and it loves me back.
  11. I am ENOUGH.
  12. I hold within me the power for positive change and growth.
  13. I hold within me the answers to all that I am looking for.
  14. True love starts from within.
  15. My beauty shines through me and attracts what I need.
  16. I deserve love. I am loved. I am love. 
  17. I am full of love and love surrounds me everyday.
  18. I am who I am.
  19. I choose myself first.
  20. I am the leader of my life. 

Be the master of your mind. Be the master of your thoughts. 

Show yourself more self-love and attract more love into your life.