Sometimes we tend to live life to portray an image of ourselves as something that we’re not. The social pressures of this world from our peers, family and more can dictate your life if you let it. We tend to measure our success based on how much money is in the bank or material things rather than the actual quality that we are living our lives.

Generally if things don’t go how we want them to we tend to feel like we are not doing enough. Our life doesn’t seem as perfect as those friends on Instagram who post their nice house or car, all to learn that the house isn’t theirs and their car is a rental. Don’t let it fool you! Avoid being insecure and depressed because you feel like you have to keep up with people who are doing it for the gram. Looks can be deceiving and trust me you won’t see those same people posting anything bad in their life. No one’s life is that perfect. In the words of one of my favorite artists J.Cole – “There’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” You could be living a truly happy life by just simply measuring your successes rather than failures!

Life isn’t the easiest but learn to give yourself some credit where it’s due and by focusing on the positive rather than the negative you might find that you are more successful than you thought you were.

You may be actually living a good life if you can notice any of these 20 things in your life:

1. You’re standards have raised.

2. Your relationships contain no drama.

3. You may not be a “millionaire” or even a “thousandaire” but you have a “rich” life.

4. You ask for help and support from others without hesitation.

5. You let go of people or things that don’t contribute to your happiness.

6. You appreciate moments when you see family, friends & a significant other.

7. Your inner circle is very small.

8. You have a good job which you feel connected.

9. You know that setbacks and failures = self-growth.

10. You have a support system that include people who would do anything in the world for you.

11. The words “I Love You” or “I Miss You” is heard often from friends, family, or partner.

12. You go for what you want and take no for an answer.

13. Instead of complaining about a situation, you create solutions.

14. You could care less about what others think of you.

15. You can celebrate others’ successes often.

16. Your intuition usually dictates the right choices made.

17. Your always pursue your passions.

18. Some of your goals have come true or are coming true.

19. You can trust everyone in your life, including family, friends & a significant other.

20. You love with all your heart and give your all to your loved ones.


“If everything was dipped in gold, then it would never grow. Everything sweet ain’t sugar coated.” – Jhene Aiko