Having love, delight and devotion in our lives offers us sensational gratification that vibrates and pulsates throughout our bodies. Our energy is flowing and we are glowing. We radiate and automatically activate the Positive Love Gene.

The Positive Love Gene:

The Positive Love Gene™ is a state of being where our genes are in an expanded healthy state of love, passion, pleasure, desire, happiness, joy, bliss, optimism and exhilaration. Just imagine your cells resonating in this positive charged frequency of coherence. Now envision each cell communicating with one another, galvanizing that energy and funneling it into your life and work. This is what I call positive passion.

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The Limitless Power of Positive Passion:

You may be asking yourself why is positive passion so important. . . It’s simple because it’s an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, psychological and physiological biological system that helps bypassing the Burn Out Syndrome.

Now you may be asking yourself how does Positive Passion do this . . .Positive Passion is vital creative energy. It’s like tapping into the exquisite innocence of a child whose transcendent imagination is adventurous, fierce, unapologetic, inspirational and tenacious. As you use this energy field it stimulates and aligns your soul, elevating you to a higher order of insight where you are able to distill knowledge, create and manifest what you want in an accelerated manner.

By cultivating a positive passion mind-set, a person is able to go through life working with ease, increasing their productivity, innovation and creativity. They are able to magnetize what they want fast tracking the results they wish to have in their lives.

Positive passion pushes you beyond your comfort zone, removing any and all obstacles, because the vital creative energy is unwilling to acknowledge any barriers as it hurdles and triumphs over anything that is in it’s way until the mission is accomplished. It literally rewrites your life’s purpose. Now that is what I call the positive passion advantage.

Quantum Creativity: Taking Quantum Leaps With The Positive Love Gene, Your Positive Passion

Quantum creativity accelerates your learning curve as you consciously transcend the limitlessness of all possibilities. When you are able to access and sustain positive passion which most people call getting into the flow, there is a propulsion of ecstatic creative energy that forms it’s own vital life force energy. This juggernaut of vital creative energy gives you the wherewithal to conquer anything that’s standing in your way of you achieving what you want to achieve. It fires up your neurons and rewires them creating new neural connections and synaptic connections for you to thrive and achieve what you set out to achieve.

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Unconscious processing plays an important role in achieving creative insights. Neuroimaging studies of the brain during “REST” (random episodic silent thought, also referred to as the default state) suggest that the association cortices are the primary areas that are active during this state and that the brain is spontaneously reorganizing and acting as a self-organizing system.

Prominent neuroscientist, psychiatrist and one of the world’s leading experts in creativity, Professor Nancy Andreasen, MD, PhD states, “The capacity to be creative, to produce new concepts, ideas, inventions, objects or art, is perhaps the most important attribute of the human brain.”

Quantum creativity is a delightful, delicate and entangled hierarchal dance of intention, will, consciousness, vision, open mindedness, work, creativity, co-creation, transformation, collaboration, conscious mindfulness, conscious presence, mind wandering, awareness, meditation, concentration, letting go and surrendering, invitation, allowing, imagination, listening, dreaming, improvisation, intuition, silence, stillness, incubation, inspiration, positive passion, wisdom, curiosity, relaxing, removing limiting negative beliefs, being in your power and owning your power, having dynamic impenetrable and yet fluid boundaries, fearlessness, and practicing the art of doing, being, doing, being. These are some of the main components.

Positive Passion™ is an important ingredient for Quantum Creativity because it has limitless sustaining vital creative energy needed for quantum processing and quantum tunneling in which particles overcome barriers sometimes faster than the speed of light. Quantum processing and quantum tunneling create a quantum trigger where events are selected before recording that opens a doorway for a better understanding of the relation between brain dynamics and consciousness.

Quantum Creativity enables us to liberate ourselves from the shackles of our lesser, unconscious, limited and negative pre programmed selves. In this quantum realm of unlimited possibilities, one is able to rid themselves of fear, doubt, disbelief, vacillation and procrastination immediately. This is where we organically take the reigns to our lives and become the profound, conscious architect of our lives one quantum leap at a time.

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20 Steps to Bypass Burn Out –Become The Curator of Your Positive Love Gene, Your Positive Passion, Learn To Love Your Life And Work.

01 .Remember & Journal Your Childhood Dreams Of What Your Wanted To Do When You Were All Grown Up.

02. Become Inspired By Those Childhood Dreams.

03. Set Your Intentions For What Your Want To Create.

04. Make a Vision Board Of What You Want To Create.

05. Choose To Get Rid of Your Fear.

06. Choose To Have Faith.

07. Choose To Get Rid Of Your Doubts, Disbeliefs and Over Thinking.

08. Stop Procrastinating.

09. Choose To Become Accountable For What You Are Creating.

10. Choose To Believe That You Are Worthy Of What You Are Creating.

11. Choose To Believe That You Are Worthy Of Success & Being Paid for Your Positive Passions.

12. Set a Price For Your Positive Passion, What You Are Creating.

13. Choose To Be In Your Power & Own Your Power.

14. Feel, Smell, Touch, Taste, Hear, See, Sense, Intuit and Talk To Your Positive Love Gene — Your Positive Passion.

15. Take Action From The Messages You Intuit Regarding Your Positive Love Gene — Your Positive Passion.

16. Stay Present With Your Positive Love Gene — Your Positive Passion.

17. Incubate Your Positive Love Gene — Your Positive Passion, With Curiosity & Protect It 100%.

18. Have Impenetrable and Fluid Boundaries With Your Positive Love Gene — Your Positive Passion.

19. Invest In Positive Love Gene — Your Positive Passion. So You Can Create What Your Want To Create.

20. Never Give Up.

Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.™

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