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  1. Evaluate your happiness: Sit with your feelings. Question them. Allow yourself to really, truly, deeply feel.
  2. Get rid of the toxic people: No need to be mean about it but spend your time with only people who lift you up, not bring you down or hold you back in any way. It’s ok if a friend makes a mistake every occasionally, because we’re all human, but if it becomes a habit, let them go.
  3. Try new things to figure out what you love: Find your passion by exploring new things, having new adventures, going to new places, and meeting new people.
  4. Make other people happy: Just because. It’ll make you happier, too, trust me. And then other people will want to make you happy in return.
  5. Smile: It really helps. And I bet it looks good on you. Happy looks good on everyone.
  6. Meditate: Take ten minutes out of your day and if you can’t find ten minutes, then take twenty minutes out of your day. The app Headspace taught me how to meditate and I recommend it for anyone else trying it out for the first time.
  7. Be grateful: You could even use a gratitude journal like this one here. I’ve been using mine for three years and counting.
  8. Work out: Find something you enjoy and start up a routine. For me, it’s Pure Barre and a spiritual kind of yoga here.
  9. Eat healthy: Eat foods that make you feel good. You can find ones that taste good, too. I love Trader Joe’s for that perfect balance. (Guest recipepost coming soon!!!)
  10. Write: Get your feelings out so they’re not stuck in your head taking up all the space.
  11. Dive into music: It helps you feel less alone, more connected.
  12. Color: It’s relaxing and freeing and nostalgic.
  13. Do a puzzle: It works your amazing brain! And it’s fun.
  14. Do something fun: “A little party never hurt nobody…”
  15. Talk to someone: Whether it be a friend, a therapist, or a family member, let it out and get advice or feedback or support, whatever you need.
  16. Do something for yourself: Treat yourself! Whether it’s to a walk alone or a bubble bath, let loose and have fun getting to know the amazing person that you are.
  17. Make a list of your goals: In our early 20s, it’s hard to always have direction in life. Writing down your goals can help give you a sense of purpose and make it easier to feel accomplished when you move in the direction of those goals.
  18. Pet an animal: No explanation necessary.
  19. Go outside: Explore, go somewhere new, have an adventure.
  20. Love yourself: And you’ll set the standard for how others should love you, too.

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  • Zoe Brown


    Zoe Brown is a junior at USC in LA, studying communication and film. She's a physical production intern right now at Lionsgate. Zoe also posts sometimes on her personal blog,!