It’s been more than 20 years that the first show of Pokemon was aired on television. Even after all these years, the craze for Pokemon is still going on strong. It’s a cartoon show that is loved by all. Starting from kids to adults, everyone is a fan of Pokemon. Back when it was released, it was difficult to understand why people loved it so much. But now when we look 20 years back, we can get the idea why the show has become this popular. Several fans are still known to watch the show even now. No other show has been as popular as Pokemon. Due to its ongoing popularity, there are several types of Pokemon goodies and games that you can get out there. One of the most popular games is pokemon jupiter. This happens to be the hacked version of the original game, Pokemon Ruby.

The Worldwide Popularity of Pokemon

Pokemon is such a cartoon series that is popular all over the world. Kids of all ages and even adults are known to enjoy the show till now. Today, you can even get various Pokemon based games on the market. Several gaming companies are known to manufacture various types of Pokemon based games. It is a fact that these games are immensely popular in the market. These games are played by adults and teenagers, mostly. Most of these Pokemon based games are released on consoles. However, you can also get a wide variety of Pokemon games on PC and mobile as well.

Other than games, there are also Pokemon based movies. Even these movies are equally popular as the television series. Other than that you also get various merchandise and goodies based on Pokemon. With all the variety of items, it can be said that the market is flooded with Pokemon based goods. Well, that’s how popular the show is.

It is surprising to see how a single cartoon series can continue to entertain two different generations. Even after 20 years, the popularity of the show has not gone down. Pokemon was first released in the year 1996 and generated around $45 billion in revenue. This includes the feature-length films, merchandise, and games.

Since the time the show was first released, it has only grown in its popularity. It is more famous than some of the greatest movies out there. Well, this is what makes all the Pokemon fans happy. The era of Pokemon is still strong, and hopefully, it will continue to be one of the most popular shows on the planet.

To conclude, it can be said that Pokemon is one epic television show that has won the hearts of millions all across the world. Not only that but it has also impressed the adults as well. If you are a Pokemon fan, then you can very well relate to the above discussion.