“Daamnnn Denmark, back at it with the #1 happiest country ranking!” (reference)

But seriously, I was thrilled to see the news and read about the 2016 update to UN’s annual report. Mashable had a great piece this morning as well, quoting Christian Bjoernskov, “[Danes] are happy with what they get. They have no great expectations about what they do or what happens to them.”

Another quote from Christian, who is an economy professor at the University of Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city:

“Danes feel confident in one another… when we stand together, we can succeed,” he says. “And they also have a strong belief they can decide their own lives.”

Here’s a look at the “World’s 15 happiest nations” according to the UN Report:

Anyone reading this — go visit Denmark! Seriously, you’ll love it. They’re kind, humble, and all speak English. Just try for the summer-time unless you like cold and snow. 🙂

For more information, results, and some downloads, visit the UN page here: http://worldhappiness.report/


(By the way, love how Danes advertise! Great sense of humor.)

denmark posters interact.jpg

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