Can you feel it?

Most of 2017 was spent being in a state of nonstop shock as we adjusted to the new “normal” here in America—make that the world.

You may have been pretty sure we were sucked into a black hole that took us to a parallel Universe—none of this part of the original “plan.” (Why does that sound so plausible?)

Nothing transpires by chance. In 2017, the Universe energetically shook our little blue snow globe to dislodge millennial-old false narratives holding together a crumbling matrix of illusion and deceit, A.K.A ignorance.

Those still lost in separation consciousness have been given a huge wake-up call and opportunity to reexamine all self-limiting values and beliefs.

If you’re awake and have been making the transition into unity consciousness, the invitation was and continues to be to let go of any last attachments because you can’t take them with you.


The winds of change ripping through our Universe and collective psyche, this is the year you’ll either become further entrenched in the false matrix begetting end times, or you will let it all go for a new reality, the Golden Age.

(SPOILER ALERT: In the Golden Age, we finally let go of the five false nobilities: wealth, poverty, sacrifice, busyness, and servitude.)

In unity consciousness, truth is easily discernable from falsehood. This is the Diamond Mind that is in service to the heart instead of itself (ego).

Therefore, you may find you can no longer be in service to false matrix constructs, either consciously or unconsciously. Your life may abruptly change in the work you do, location, or even close relationships.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself moving fully into what you’ve been envisioning and working toward on the side for several years now. The time of exertion is over. Your work finished, it’s time to play.

The diamond is a symbol of the golden light of Unity Consciousness (Unconditional Love or Christed Consciousness). It’s at the intersection where you, creative intelligence, and divine purpose converge, manifesting as effortless action.

Where paid advertising once was necessary to broadcast to the world who and what you are, you now fully embody love and light—the transmitter itself. Yet, you had to experience the vanity of exhaustive effort personally, so you could let it go.

If this is sounding pretty woo-woo, it’s all energy and quite scientific. Science is the study of the material world. The study of energy under transformation is broadly called Energetics, branching into physics, chemistry, biology. Science’s newer multidisciplinary approaches to research are just beginning to unravel the deeper mysteries of the Universe and humanity’s connection to the Cosmos.



It’s been incredibly painful to see those you love so manipulated by the world. You’ve even had to face your fears all over again, digging deep into the shadow self to expose any last remnants of doubt to the light.

Your cries for a sense of normalcy seemed to fall upon deaf ears. Exhausted, you’ve had no choice but to . . . Let go—or set yourself free.

And that was the point.

The bigtime shift is that you’ve found your heart center amidst the chaos to embody the diamond light necessary to begin living the Golden Age—your Golden Age despite the schism that will continue to erupt around you.

In the book Awakening Leadership: Be the Leader You Were Born to Be for Millennials and TransGenerationals, we are reminded that in unity consciousness “. . . we are on a destinationless journey. This means that every moment is purpose-driven and meaningful, therefore, so are you . . . Remind yourself throughout the day that consciously connected within the Unified Field of Creation, you are acting from the highest authority in every moment, in service to all Creation. Soon you will see that you really are on purpose as Creation’s agent.”

You are the change you wish to see in the world. Strangely, it will seem as if next-door neighbors are living in parallel realities. Why is their experience so different? Why can’t they see through the veil?

You will then be the calm during the storm. Show others that consciousness is multidimensional and so are they. At any moment each one of us has the capacity to realize a more evolved, beautiful reality instantly.

Your brilliant future is here now when you unconditionally love those on a different path, while still choosing to step into your highest potential NOW.

Embodying a new state of BEing without the frenetic activity, you will be naturally drawn to things you love, in service of love, without worry over compensation. This is your life’s work.

Connect with other Diamond Minds presently gathering, establishing peaceful and sustainable social systems that are lifting humanity out of survivalism, creating the world you always knew was possible.

Sync with like hearts and minds and go!

What is there left to do? Open your heart even further and trust.

Ultimately, we’re all going home together. Pull up the oars, put on your wings, look heavenward . . .

And there you’ll be.

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