This year has ushered in new trends within the event space full of innovation, creativity and inspiration. These new type of events are being led by pioneers in the event space like Liron David, the Founder and CEO of Eventique.

Eventique is a full-service event company that has developed a stellar reputation for throwing innovative events for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and large-scale award shows. These awe-inspiring events leverage the latest in technology like 270-degree mapping which completely changes the vibe and energy of an event space.

When asked about one of the most exciting new trends happing in the event world, Mr. David stated:

The biggest and most exciting trend I’m anticipating this year is utilizing art in creating storylines. The convergence of art, technology, and space is what’s making experiential events more engaging than just throwing a brand name on anything in sight — today’s consumer won’t go for it, and they certainly won’t share it.”

  • Liron David, Founder and CEO of Eventique

Eventique specializes in producing innovative, sophisticated and cutting-edge events, using a core belief that storytelling drives creative narrative. Founded by leaders within the entertainment and event production industry, Eventique’s diverse team also includes backgrounds in theater, media, and brand marketing.

Through its deep experience and countless productions, Eventique understands that to truly engage a guest, ideas must be fully realized down to the smallest detail.

Eventique hosts events for an impressive rolodex of clients including:

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