Office design has never played a more integral role in the success of a business as it does today. With each passing year, new technologies are implemented and new trends are adopted in office spaces around the world, leading to new and exciting office design opportunities and workplace experimentation.

The trends of 2019 will build upon the trends of yesteryear, but shine an ever-larger spotlight on employee, guest, and customer well-being with a recurring focus on all things green. 

The new era of workplace design continues to draw inspiration from the natural world and the people working within the built environment. Research shows that improvements to workspace design have been show to positively influence employees in a number of ways:

1: Ability to adapt to stress

2: Productivity

3: Focus

4: Well-being & wellness

5: Absenteeism rates

6: Overall happiness

7: Overall efficiency & efficacy

Macro trends for the coming year include a movement toward experience-drives spaces. Office designers are focused on incorporating functional amenities like meditation areas and espresso bars that improve the workplace experience for entry-level staff and C-suite executives alike. 

Ambius’ experts also foresee the co-working space reimagined with features such as multi-use meeting areas, lightweight, movable furniture and lots of plants, portable green walls and other greenery to provide separation and privacy when needed. 

Another macro trend their experts expect in 2019 is the emergence of plant-based, biophilic design from an experimental principal to a standard for the modern workplace. Incorporating nature-inspired textures and shapes, as well as features like living green walls, floor plants, potted trees and decorative flowers will move from a trendy fashion statement to a near-necessity for the office.

Among the micro trends detailed in the report, moss walls stand out as a feature to keep an eye on in 2019 and beyond because they make a statement and work well in areas where lighting can be a concern. Moss walls and other green walls are expected to grow in popularity because they enhance the office’s connection to nature while leaving floor space open for other features, making them highly compatible with the macro trends outlined in the report.

The other 3 micro trends include:

1: Abstract and geometric patterning

2: Hand-crafted and unique containers

3: Green branding and natural cues

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