No, this is not an article about 2020 New Year’s resolutions nor am I giving you a list of 20 things to do in 2020.

Yes, the title is a pun on an overused optometrist joke.

Really, Let’s use 2020 to provide us the vision we need (sorry could not resist).

This article is about Rethinking You. As we approach the next calendar year, it’s a time to retrospect on past, true up on our present and create a vision for the future.

There is only one requirement to do this – honesty.  Its important to be honest with yourself otherwise you are just fooling yourself.  The worst kind of fool is the one who fools themselves.  Unfortunately, we do this far more often than we care to admit. 

Find a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed for an hour.  A paper and pen will help you take notes. Stay away from the evil brick (phone).

Retrospect on the Past. What are all the things you are grateful for?  It could be your college years, kids, vacations, the backyard barbecue.   Allow yourself some time to reminisce on those pleasant memories.   What did you do wrong?  What went wrong? The job you should not have taken, the accident that happened as you were texting, the relationship that went awry.  Yes, the past is water under the bridge, yet we need to build on the past so we can have a better future.

True up on the Present. Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?  The good, the bad and the ugly. See all the cards that you are using to play the game of life. We cannot control the hand that has been dealt to us, we can play the best game possible with those cards.  To play your best game you need to develop your self-awareness.  To know your strengths, weaknesses, passions and purpose.

Think out your current situation – financially (such as: debt, net worth, emergency funds), emotionally (introvert, anger issues), intellectually (education, certifications, subject matter knowledge), relationships (spouse/partner, children, friends, parents) and spiritually.  This will increase your self-awareness.

Photo By Nilish Gupte

Vision for 2020. The goal is to have a clear vision of how you got to where you are (good, bad, indifferent), who you are (self-awareness) and where do you want to go (2020 Vision).  

What is your purpose in Life? 

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

What makes you happy?

Finally, what steps you need to take to get you to where you want to go. 

These are hard questions, even harder to answer honestly.

There is gold to be found once you have the answers.  You need to pick up that ax and start digging.

Here’s to a shining, bright vision for 2020.