Welcome To 2020!

Welcome to 2020. I know some people don’t like New Year’s resolutions. These individuals feel that many who make New Year’s resolutions don’t live up to them. I completely understand and know the feeling.

Last week I was taking a long bath and started thinking about where I want my business to be in 2020. That’s when it hit me, New Year’s business resolutions!

Where Do You Want Your Business In 2020?

Your New Year’s business resolution should start with the question “Where do I want my business to be in 2020?” This question can have more than one answer.

Do you want to open a physical store? If you already have a physical store, do you want to open a new location? Do you want to move to a bigger store? Do you want to add new products? Do you want to hire additional staff members? Do you want to have more time for yourself and your family in 2020? Will you purchase new equipment? Maybe you are thinking of trying different marketing methods to attract more customers?

Write Everything Down

If you remember from the beginning of this post, I was doing this business retrospect in the bath. Hopefully, you are reading this somewhere you can write, record, or type out the answers you have come up with for your own New Year’s business resolutions.

My retrospect happened on its own, so I had to rush out of the bath to get everything typed out. We are busy business owners and even with great memories, in the rush of business, we are bound to forget. Having a document with your answers and plans for 2020 is helpful and you can always access it throughout the year and change things.

Take Your Time

It took me a few hours to complete my New Year’s business resolution document. I plan on going back to it today to add ideas and plans that have popped into my mind.

I really want you to take your time doing your New Year’s business resolutions. When you are creating yours, I want you to have fun and to take it seriously. I want you to be honest with yourself and to focus on creating a plan around your shortcomings, strengths, and assets.

May You Fulfill All Your 2020 Business Resolutions!

I wish you and your business the best for 2020! I hope you fulfill all of your 2020 business resolutions. I’d love to hear some of your business resolutions. Feel free to tweet them to me @SocialMediaSass. I will add some here to this document along with your Twitter handle.