This is the best time for companies to start managing the psychological capital of their employees and to create support programs focused on this.

In an already stressed world, the pandemic has forever changed appliance repair working life. This is the first time in the history of humanity in which a pandemic has spread throughout the world while we have the possibility through our media to know immediately the ravages that are happening in all places, increasing thus our anxiety and worry.

The pandemic affects the mental health of all people in different ways, from the stress of not being able to leave to the development of panic attacks and anxiety disorders in the face of the uncertainty and dizzying changes that they experience every day.

Companies and their leaders play a leading role in the face of the results of studies around the world that show us that in 2021 we will experience a mental health crisis in the face of which we must act as soon as possible.

We live in the midst of emotional illiteracy, we do not know how to identify the emotions that affect us, much less what are the alternatives to face and manage them, so we can turn this moment into an opportunity to create employee support programs that include wellness routes with actions that strengthen the psychological capital of companies and help people to have a better balance in the different areas of their lives.

The starting point is the regulation of stress, this can be the trigger for all other physical and mental disorders. If employees are trained in coping strategies for stress, they will be much better prepared to face adversity without falling into exhaustion and hopelessness. To achieve this, each time science shows us new evidence of interventions that can be carried out in companies both in-person and online and that have sustainable results over time, some of them based on mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and neuroscience, among others.

Each company is a complex universe; hence the interventions must be tailored to each company, according to its culture, purpose, and values.

This path begins by moving away from quick solutions and committing ourselves to the incorporation of mental health care as the mobilizer of people’s development and we will surely be pleasantly surprised with the results that we will obtain from this valuable investment.

Regardless of the industry, most companies go to financial indicators, dividing their income by the number of employees and comparing it with other companies in the same sector to identify if it is better or worse than the average in the market.

What began to be seen is that the companies that were forced to reduce their payroll when they saw a decrease in their income, observed that the contribution per employee to total billing increased. In general terms, we have seen that productivity improved.

One trend is the growing implementation of OKRs, which is short for Objectives and Key Results, the method popularized by Google to measure employee performance.

They are a simpler version of the traditional indicators, aligning the objectives of the entire company and each area understands what its role is to achieve those objectives.