It seems that my last article on how to use systems and controls to incrementally pass over more autonomy and “ownership” to your team for various functions of your business struck a nerve.

In this article I wanted to go into greater detail about “business controls” by giving you a list of 21 concrete examples of business controls. Read through the list. It will give you a clear grasp of what controls are and how they fit into the plan of scaling your company.

Sample Sales and Marketing Controls

  • Written list of pre-approved concessions or negotiating parameters
  • Approvals process for all sales exceptions
  • Standardized sales paperwork and contracts
  • Sales scripting
  • Limited / segmented access to company database of prospects and clients
  • Master marketing calendar
  • Lead-generation scoreboard
  • Automated marketing e-mail sequences
  • Standardized sales collateral

Sample Operational Controls

  • Operating budgets
  • Production schedule / timeline
  • Customer surveys
  • Preapproved vendor list
  • Competitive bidding process for all contracts over a certain dollar level
  • Quality review checklist
  • A centralized (likely cloud based) document filing system

Sample Financial Controls

  • Cash registers
  • Formal employee expensing system
  • Formal written, refund policy
  • Written customer credit policy
  • A/R write-off approval process

Start small. Pick one simple control that you know hurts your company for not having it. Over the next 30 days create and implement your first version of this simple control.

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