Do you practice self-love? Are you feeling madly deeply in love with yourself? Does the idea of loving yourself sound absurd? Creating love for yourself is the ultimate key to living a healthy happy life that makes you feel fully alive!

Positive affirmations are a super simple tool that have a huge life-changing effect on the mind and body. The biggest focus on using affirmations is to help the mindset. If you can change your mind, you can change anything!

I am a firm believer in creating a positive mindset. The mind has so much power in all areas of our life so I believe it is crucial to take steps in supporting a healthy loving mind to make us feel good every day. Of course, there will be days we feel less enthusiastic, there will be times when we just want to curl up on the sofa and do nothing, and sometimes just want to scream and cry. That is normal. It is ok to feel all emotions from anger to frustration to tantrums to joy to giddiness to excitement to pure happiness. This is normal to feel all emotions and give yourself permission to feel them.

Aside from allowing all emotions to flow through your body, it is incredibly beneficial to help your mind to focus on the positive. If you are stuck in a rut and constantly see the negative in a situation and struggle to achieve the goals you desire, then doing work on your mind can help you create the life you dream about.

Life-Changing Mindset

Practicing daily affirmations has been a game changer for my life. By adopting different phrases and words that resonate with a particular day or what I am working on creating in my life I have found so much inner strength that has helped to transform my mind, which ultimately transforms my life.

Saying an affirmation in my mind and out loud has the power to change everything. I know this seems a bold statement but I believe it to be true, and the biggest way to make this a reality is by having faith in what is spoken in mind and aloud. Faith in what we think and do is the ultimate piece to the puzzle in creating a life we love. Creating a life that resembles what we want and is true to our heart is generally what many (if not all?!) people strive for in every day life. We all want to be healthy and happy. We all want to feel awesome. We all want to feel good. And it all comes back to the mind.

You Create Your Reality

If you can create a life that feels miserable and completely alien to who you are, you can most certainly create a life that makes you feel a top class goddess. No matter what we think, whether positive or negative, “I have no money”, “life sucks!”, “why does everything always go wrong for me?”, “I’m fat and ugly”, “I’m so unlucky” and so on and on, we will create that life because our thoughts focus on these words day in day out. However, if we start to say “I am beautiful”, “I am amazing”, “I am enough”, “I can have the life I desire”, “I am the ultimate goddess”, then our life will start to match those thoughts as we are focusing on these words day in day out. Our actions will follow the thoughts we have, no matter what those thoughts are, so why don’t we make them good ones? In fact, let’s make them amazing thoughts – life changing thoughts.

Feed the mind positive powerful thoughts every day and your mind will start to believe what you say, and in time you will start to take action with what aligns with your thoughts. Then you will be thinking and doing the things that you truly want in your life which will result in creating a life you desire.

Sound too simple? It really is simple, all it requires is consistent action, and belief in yourself.

Start small and focus on an affirmation that resonates with you. Focus on those words that come alive when you say them and think them. You have the power within you to create a positive life you love.

Tip: Pick one affirmation and say it in your mind and out loud in the morning.

Bonus: Repeat this affirmation through the day when you remember. Write it it down in a journal. Sing it out loud.

21 Positive Affirmations to Love Yourself

  1. I am amazing and deserve to be happy.
  2. My life is filled with blessings and I am grateful.
  3. I am happy being me.
  4. I am doing enough. I have enough. I am enough.
  5. I deserve the life I dream about.
  6. I love who I am and accept myself today.
  7. I deserve to do what makes me happy.
  8. Loving myself is essential to my happiness.
  9. I am worthy of love and joy.
  10. I can be healthy and happy.
  11. I love my body from the inside out.
  12. Everything I do is beautiful.
  13. My life is abundant with love, joy and health.
  14. I am worthy of all the dreams I desire and can have it all.
  15. I get what I want and deserve what I want.
  16. I let go of everything that drains my energy.
  17. My life deserves everything that lights me up.
  18. I accept myself and others. I accept all around me even if they are different to me.
  19. I learn from everything I do. I am never a failure.
  20. I release control and surrender to the flow. I have faith in my life.
  21. I choose to be me and stop apologising for who I am.

Say one of these affirmations every day and you will start to feel your life change. You are worthy of a life that ignites your passion and makes you feel alive. Start opening up to the idea that you have the power to manifest how you feel and what you do in your life to create an amazing life that makes you burst with joy.