Do you have a clear personal vision that gives your life direction? Does your vision cover every area of your life (spiritual, relational, physical, social, mental, financial and professional)? If you answered no to these questions, you have some work to do.

Today’s World

In today’s stressful and chaotic world many men are busy moving at fast-break speeds hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, but still have no real vision beyond their current situation.

We can spend countless hours talking and texting on mobile devices, watching our favorite television or sport shows, emailing, tweeting and checking our Facebook pages, but many of us have failed to spend the same quality time developing and implementing a vision that gives our life direction.

Your vision is not a one-size-fits-all, but it is uniquely fashioned to fit you. No matter who you are, what country or continent you live on or what side of the tracks you are from, you were created with a specific vision that no one in this world can live but you.

My Realization

I realized several years ago that a clear vision was the missing ingredient for me to live a more fulfilling life. I experienced a lot of unnecessary struggle and frustration due to the lack of vision for my life. I also found out from talking to others that I was not the only one struggling with this issue.

Conversation after conversation revealed that a lack of a clear vision in every area of life was the underlying problem causing frustration, fatigue and failure.

It did not matter whether a person had a doctorate degree or a GED, a business owner or a janitor or if they were financially secure or not, the lack of a clear vision was the common denominator.

If you never realize your true vision, you will limp through life and you will miss living your best. You came into this world equipped with a vision God designed specifically for you. It is up to you whether you realize your vision or not.

After spending time in prayer, reading and talking to others, I developed a working definition of vision.

“Vision is a clear mental picture of a preferable future. The individual becomes so committed to the vision he or she will pursue it despite any obstacles or challenges. It is the ingredient that launches an individual out of stagnation and into forward action.

What Vision Provides

Unfortunately, many people don’t live from vision. They live life like a builder who tries to construct a building without the proper blueprints. Because he does not have a clear vision for the building, he works from assumptions and guess work.

Many men today, operate in the same manner; they stumble through life allowing circumstances, events and other individuals determine their destiny. They often opt for mediocrity or the status quo, instead of living the more abundant life.

I want to suggest to you that true success begins with a vision that supports every area of life. You must know where you are headed to live life at maximum capacity. Vision is a powerful motivator to move you into consistent action.

A clear vision will provide you with:

1. Focus – A clear vision enables you to keep your eyes fixed on your desired objective. It keeps you from fallen victim to distractions that may look good from the outside, but are not the best for your life. Without a focused vision you will live carelessly and without a sense of purpose.

2. Energy – A clear vision will energize you. You receive strength from the picture of where you are going and the incredible possibilities of living it out. The energy derived from a clear vision will remain at the fore front of your mind even when obstacles and opposition rear their ugly head. Your vision becomes the spark plug that transforms stagnancy into action.

3. Endurance – Your vision not only gives energy for the task but it gives you endurance to stay the course. Endurance is the ability to keep going even when things get tough. A clear vision will fortify you to push forward when you want to quit and gives you the ‘staying power’ when you want to throw in the towel and quit.

People of vision make things happen. They accept responsibility. They aren’t necessarily the most intelligent, privileged or talented. However, they are clear about what they want and determined to rise above any challenges, obstacles and difficulties to make their vision a reality.

“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.” Helen Keller

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