I see you single mama. I completely understand how tiring it can feel trying to do it all. Being a busy woman, a mum, making all the food, working to pay the bills, fitting in socialising with friends, trying to make time for exercise, and hopefully squeezing in a little relaxation. Oh, and that thing called sleep!!

As a single mum it can be very easy to neglect our needs, which is why is it so important to make the effort to put this at the top of the list. I believe it is essential to prioritise our own needs before anyone and anything else. Why? Because we are important too, and the better we feel the more present, happier and healthier we can be for everyone and everything else.

I am a single mum, raising my beautiful two year old daughter, whilst running my own business, working a part time job, doing exercise and hobbies I love, and socialising. So I truly get how busy life can be, however I know that we can still feel amazing amongst the wild chaos.

You are so busy trying to do it all that when you consider the idea of self-care you feel selfish. Let me be clear, you are not selfish for taking care of your needs. You are important and deserve to feel healthy and happy. You are not neglecting your children by making time for yourself. It is so important to nourish and nurture yourself, because burnout is not the answer!!

Avoid that burnout by giving yourself permission to take time for ‘me time’. Depleting yourself will only make you feel unhappy, neglected and in the long run can affect your health making you ill. To prevent this from happening, it is time to commit to you. Make the commitment to see to your needs every day, whether big or small, as that simple choice to prioritise you will do the world of good for your mind, body, heart and overall quality of life.

Once you get comfortable with taking care of yourself you will realise how easy and fun it can be. I absolutely love my self-care routine and enjoy every moment. Some of the activities can be done with your child around, or alone when they are with their dad/at childcare/or being looked after by a friend or family member.

Give these 21 ways to look after yourself a go and see how you feel. I promise you this: you will feel a million times better when you take care of yourself mama!

21 Self-Care Ideas for Single Mums

  1. Date yourself. Take yourself out on a date and celebrate you!
  2. DIY pamper. Give yourself a facial, body scrub, massage and relaxing bath.
  3. Treat yourself. Big or small, gift yourself something special.
  4. Meditate. Commit to 5 to 10 minutes everyday. Guided mediation with an app or video is amazing!
  5. Gratitude journal. Everyday write a few words or sentences on what you are feeling grateful for in your life.
  6. Nourish. Eat wholesome food that gives you energy for life as a busy mum!
  7. Skincare routine. Adopt a healthy skincare routine for morning and night as this feels like a little pamper everyday and it is truly wonderful!
  8. Dress up. Put clothes on that make you feel confident and an absolute goddess. Do your hair, and wear make up if you fancy. Go out feeling on top of the world, even if it’s just to the supermarket!
  9. Affirmations. Everyday pick a positive affirmation that you focus on throughout the day to remind you to breathe and relax.
  10. Rest. Allow yourself to simply stop and rest. We don’t need to be on the go all the time every hour every day.
  11. Snuggle. When life gets hectic, stop and snuggle your little ones.
  12. Smile. Always find something that makes you smile.
  13. Go for a walk. Nature does wonders for the soul.
  14. Get out. Aside from work and running around with errands, it can be so easy to stay indoors and feel caged in. Get out, meet people and be around others to feel a part of life.
  15. Join a group. A fitness class, a hobby, a mum and child group, coffee dates, any type of group that interests you and will uplift you with positive vibes.
  16. Go to bed an hour earlier.
  17. Listen to soothing music.
  18. Notice the sky. Watch the sunset, see the moon and stars. Taking a step back to notice the simply beauty of life can put life into perspective.
  19. Hot drink. Make time for a warming drink , sit down and relax.
  20. Phone a friend.
  21. Say YES to your life. Always say yes to your needs!

You deserve to feel joy for your life. We all need downtime, whether a single parent or not, and it can be easy to fall into the trap of always doing and never being. Allow yourself to be with life and feel into what you need at this present moment.

Do you need to take a break and breathe?

Honour those feelings and do something wonderful for yourself. Make it a commitment to do this for the sake of your sanity mama. The happier you feel, the easier it will feel to do all the tasks. Trust me, your little ones will be ok when you decide to see to your needs too!