With the Opioid Crisis and Drugs in general running rampant right now, I wanted to write this to whomever is currently suffering with their addiction, and to the person who IS sober but keeps contemplating using ‘ Just this one time’. STOP! I know, easier said than done! Now you’re probably wondering what the hell do I know anyways? Well, I was you once, I was an addict who would sell her very soul just to get high. Fortunately that is in the past, but still very much a part of my life today. I want to tell you that there is a better way (i’m sure you know that) and I want you to know what happens once you get sober! Hi, my name is Christina, I am an addict and here are 23 reasons why you should get and stay sober like I did.

  1. Finances- Tired of being broke? When you’re sober those problems aren’t as bad ( Yes you can still be broke and sober, but at least you’re not slumin it in a back alley). You are NOT spending every last dime you have on drugs, instead you have the extra money in your pocket to do things you truly enjoy!
  2. Trust- This one is tough. When we are in our active addiction we lose the trust of the people who are most important to us. But as we get and stay sober there comes a point when you finally earn those people’s trust again, and there is no better feeling.
  3. Mental Well-Being- When you are actively using you are putting your entire mental well-being at risk. Putting chemicals into your body like ‘street drugs’ can alter your brain chemistry, and can literally turn you into a walking, depressed zombie! Once you get sober however, and after the initial fog, your mind will begin to clear and you will see things in a new light.
  4. Health- The last thing on your mind is your health when you’re using, and because of this people stop taking care of their selves. That all changes when you get sober, your health takes a new spotlight in your life and you begin to focus on taking care of yourself again!
  5. Friendships- This one hurts! Most of the greatest friendships we made with the people of our youth, gets thrown away because we chose ‘drugs’ over them. I know because this happened to me 🙁 but once I got sober I was able to partially mend some of these relationships and you know what? I also made some new friends who are sober just like me!
  6. Family- Sometimes your very own family will cut you off ‘in every sense of the word’! Can you blame them? I don’t, but luckily that’s in the past now and it’s almost as if it never happened 🙂
  7. Children- Addict parents will sometimes lose their children, because you can’t really take good care of your kids when you would rather spend your last $10 on getting high instead of them. Its a sad reality, but unless you’ve struggled with addiction, you don’t know that it takes you over and turns you into something you’re not! However it doesn’t have to be this way, once you get ( and stay) sober, people want nothing more than for you to be with your children.
  8. Always Feel Good- This is one of my favorite feelings of being sober, I ALWAYS feel good. No hangover’s, no nothing! It’s a consistent normal feeling and I wouldn’t change it for the nothing!
  9. Blessings- When you do the right things, Blessings come 10 fold. Seriously!
  10. Peace Of Mind- No looking over your shoulder or wondering how you’re going to get your next fix. Just a constant feeling of inner peace.
  11. Productive Member of Society- YES!! You will become a productive member of society again, and boy does that feel good! No ‘high’ could compare.
  12. Physical Well-being- It all goes out the window when you’re using, you don’t care what you look like, but you also hate to look in the mirror. This becomes a priority when you get sober, you actually care what you like like and how you present yourself to society, and it makes you feel good to!
  13. Respect- When you give it you also receive it!
  14. Self Esteem- What a self-esteem boost it is to be sober and everything that comes with it, you feel good, look good, and act good. It’s a circle!
  15. Gratitude- You become so grateful for everything, the sunrise, the bed you’re sleeping on, the food you get to eat, and the couple bucks in your pocket. You’re just so grateful
  16. Freedom– When you are sober, you are free of the powerful grip of addiction!
  17. Growth- When life kicks your a**, you grow from those experiences. Hopefully for the better!
  18. Perspective Change- It’s amazing how much your mentality can change once you get sober. It literally does a 360. Your mind opens up and with it comes new perspectives.
  19. No More Withdrawal- Enough Said!!
  20. Influence- You can seriously become a positive influence to the people around you.
  21. Future- The possibilities are endless. So many choices, make the Best one!
  22. Jails, Institutions or Death- If you don’t get sober, than you must pick which one of these you want. Basically its a ‘Pick Your Poison’ deal! I choose Life. Which one do you chose?
  23. It’s Not Who We Are- Last, but certainly not least, this is not who we are. You and I were meant for something greater! Be your Greatest Self!!

I hope this list has inspired you to make that first step to regaining control of your life again. What are some of the things that helped you get sober? Leave your comments down below, and remember to Like, Share & Subscribe!

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Originally published at www.myanxiouslife.net