Here are 25 ways to keep your happiness, social connection, and well-being at the forefront of your mind.

  1. Watch Ted Talks on YouTube (these can be very informative but also motivational)
  2. Get lost in a book (or two)
  3. Search a new at home workout video (many of them are equipment free)
  4. Write letters to young family members (let’s keep our kids reading and writing)
  5. Write letters to other family members (so they know they’re not alone)
  6. Listen to Podcasts 
  7. Clean out your Junk Drawer(s)
  8. Plan a dream vacation for the future 
  9. FaceTime young family members and read to them 
  10. Learn a new language 
  11. Create an at home “Spa Experience” (think face mask, cucumbers, mani / pedi)
  12. Discover a new healthy recipe
  13. Cook / bake a healthy alternative from what you’re used to
  14. Write (journaling can be very therapeutic) 
  15. Spiritually connect your way. Meditate, yoga, pray, bless the world.
  16. Stretch (something many of us don’t do enough of)
  17. Plan your future goals
  18. Have a virtual happy hour
  19. Create a new fun music playlist to keep things positive
  20. Make a gratitude list or start a gratitude journal
  21. Clean out your basement or garage
  22. Check out LinkedIn Learning 
  23. Call an old friend and find out something new about them 
  24. Call your grandparents or other family member and find out about their youth
  25. Learn one new vocabulary word each day


  • Tiffany began her career in 2007 as a childhood education teacher. She moved from a small family owned farm in Upstate New York to Manhattan in her late 20’s and began working in the financial services industry. She began her journey obtaining her MBA and became a freelance writer on topics that include self-development, motivation, and self-care. Tiffany knows that life can be complicated, stressful, messy and full of societal pressures. She is passionate about educating individuals on how to live a more simplistic, minimalist approach to life, without allowing others to dictate our choices. She believes that life doesn’t need to be as difficult as we may make it out to be. We can create a life full of internal greatness, joy, and abundance one step at a time.