Many of us consider baths a relaxing luxury, one that gets saved for the rare days when we have time for more than just a shower. But a recent study from the Japan Health and Research Center, Tokyo City University and Jichi Medical University, could make you rethink how often you take a bath. Japanese researchers found that baths have a more positive effect on your mental and emotional health than just hopping into a shower. For the study, a group of 38 participants took only baths for two weeks, then took only showers for two weeks, and they self-reported how they felt afterwards. Participants reported that being fully submerged in warm water on a regular basis helped them reduce feelings of stress, fatigue, and pain more than their showers did. While this study is small, it might make you reconsider your tub time.

Whether you’re team shower or you regularly make time to soak in the tub, get some inspiration from these beautiful baths to up your #SelfCare game.