Bad smells emanating from the body make people avoid us. Not surprising though is it? We live in a hot country and body odour is not a myth! We all sweat, but there are certain things you can do before you walk out of the house, that will ensure that you will at least manage the various odours of your body well and not offend the senses of fellow humans!

Remember that sweat in itself is odourless. It is the bacteria found in sweat that emanates odours. Simplest thing to do- not letting bacteria fester.

Here are 25 hacks to handle all types of smells that your body emanates:

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Handling stinky hair

Hair can stink to the high heavens, specially when it is hot and humid and you are running around in the sun. This goes for both men and women.

1. Wash your hair often, every other day if required. Wash off the oil a few hours after an oil massage, never keep it in your hair for long.

2. Treat dandruff issues– dandruff flakes on your scalp mixed with sweat makes for a lethal combination. If over the counter products are not helping with dandruff, take professional help.

Handling mouth smells

3. If you believe chewing a gum or mint eliminates cigarette odour, you are dead wrong! Nothing can mask the sharp smell of cigarette smoke, not even deo sprays. Solution- don’t smoke! It kills you any way.

4. Brush twice a day at least, morning and night, and if you are prone to bad breath or eat a lot of offensive smelling foods like onions, brush after every meal.

5. Take care of tartar. Most people don’t know that the offensive bad breath comes from gunk accumulating between your teeth. Get it cleaned professionally every now and then. Tartar or plaque also looks ugly when you smile, so getting it cleaned will be a boon to the people around you.

Handling smelly underarms

Underarms are a haven for microbes. Eliminate them with these methods-

6. Clean your underarms regularly with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Both have antimicrobial properties. Or mix a tablespoon of baking soda in your bath water every few days.

7. Drink gallons of water and exercise every day. It works like magic!

8. Wear cotton clothes and fabrics that breathe instead of synthetic ones like polyester, especially when you exercise. Synthetic fibres trap sweat and bacteria love growing in them. Check clothes labels before buying.

9. Use underarm pads under tight fitting clothes like blouses. Men should wear a cotton vest with half sleeves under their shirts to take care of both the smell and the sight of sweat.

10. Invest in antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirants are more effective at handling underarm sweat, while deodorants only mask the smell initially but eventually mix with sweat and create an even stronger more offensive smell. But considering latest research shows both antiperspirants and deodorants might be potential cancer agents, rub a slice of lime on your underarms instead, let it dry, and then wear your clothes. It will keep you fresh and smelling citrusy all day long.

11. Shave or trim excess hair. Observe the smell reduce or even vanish. Excess hair traps bacteria.

12. Perfumes are only for pulse points on your body and not to be used on clothes.

13. Watch what you eat– Smelly foods like onions, garlics and caffeinated products create smelly odours. Eliminate or reduce them. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Alcohol and hot peppers are notorious for making people sweat!

Handling crotch smell

Didn’t think about this? Your groin is the perfect place for bacteria to fester and create unpleasant smells. A sweaty crotch is a smelly crotch, specially after a good work out. Take care of it with these tips-

14. Keep yourself dry and well aired. Wear loose fitting clothes in summers, including cotton undergarments that absorb moisture and let your skin breathe.

15. Clean your private area often, and with unscented products. Scented soaps and body washes only end up creating more smells soon after the bath.

16. Use antimicrobial talcum powders or anti fungal creams in the pubic area regularly if you sweat a lot down there. Avoid giving germs a chance to grow.

17. Keep groin hair neatly groomed and trimmed.

Handling smelly feet

We all know that one person who can annihilate any one within a 10 feet radius the minute he or she removes shoes. Don’t be that person. Help is here.

18. Change socks every day. If you sweat a lot in your feet, change socks every 2 hours. Also, buy socks with breathable fabric like cotton or wool instead of synthetic materials.

19. Women should take the help of peds or shoe liners to take care of sweaty feet.

20. Show your feet some love and invest in quality shoes made of leather or canvas. Cheap shoes, specially plastic and resin ones, are not designed ergonomically neither are they feet friendly material.

21. Wash your feet with soap. Interesting how many people leave out washing the feet in the shower!

22. Scrub your feet every other day or at least twice a week. Your feet accumulate dead skin, dirt and debris with all the walking you do, which ultimately decays and stinks.

23. Alternate your shoes, specially trainers for workout. Don’t wear the same pair on consecutive days. Airing them will remove odours.

24. Don’t wear socks and shoes on wet feet. Air dry or use a hair dryer when in a hurry.

25. Use antibacterial powders liberally in between your toes.

Making great impressions on people no matter where you go is the name of the game. Follow these tips and I can guarantee you will feel fresh, smell fresh and exude confidence all day long!


Originally published at on June 6, 2016.