I challenge you…

to think of a problem that wasn’t precipitated or perpetuated by poor, sloppy, inefficient, insufficient, fear-induced, or toxic communication.

The opposite is also true. 

With communication, we build bridges or tear them down. 

With communication, we inspire innovation or destroy creativity, hope, and confidence in a better future.

Communication can heal or kill. It inspires forgiveness or perpetuates hatred and shame. 

It removes barriers or erects walls. It opens hearts and minds or shuts them down. 

What if…

What if poor and destructive communication were a thing of the past?

I get that it won’t happen today. 

But what if you left with a decision. To become a superb communicator yourself. To make effective communication a priority. To be the one who learns how to be a good steward of this powerful tool. 

Starting today.

Then you would be able to inspire others.

One person, one decision at a time, we could change the world. 

What if you and I were to model communication that unites and heals. 

What if If we were to choose—responsibly—the words we say, the stories we tell, and the ones we don’t say or tell. 

What if we were to stop inflicting wounds and to choose to heal instead.

What if our words, thoughts, and actions (our entire communication suite) hinged on authenticity, empathy, and respect?

Communication could help us thrive!

 One word at a time. One story at a time. One choice at a time.

Scientists have already proven that words (thought or spoken) can make us sick or make us well. 

In your possession, you have a deadly poison or powerful antidote.  Would you want to dispose of the poison and become a world carrier of the latter?

 “How?” You ask.

“How” is fairly simple. If you have a Why (You knew that). 

To that end, let me ask a question:

Do you want to become a Superb Communicator—and by default a catalyst for positive change?

I’m going to assume you answered “Yes!”


That’s why I took the time to compile 25 ideas for us—from men and women who thought or currently think that words, stories, and choosing to communicate superbly matter—for yourself, for your career, for your relationships, for our country and countries around the world. For those who agree with you and for those who oppose you.

If you find a Why today, we can continue the conversation later. 

 Let’s go:

1-Shonda Rhimes: Say, YES!

2-Amy Cuddy: Speak Without Words

3-Seth Godin: Speak with Courage

4-Susan Butcher: Never Quit Doing Good

5-Chip & Dan Heath: Cast a Vision

6-Peter Drucker: Listen to What Isn’t Said

7-Stephen Covey: Build Trust

8-Amy Tan: Write & Give Stories Away

9-Deborah Tannen: Open Minds

10-Anne Lamott: Say, “No”

11—Nancy Duarte: Inspire Heroes

12—Ralph Waldo Emerson: Show & Tell

13—Anne Morrow Lindberg: Stimulate

14—Abraham Harold Maslow: See More

15—Ruth Gordon: Prepare & Prepare

16—Nancy Willard: Ask Questions

17—Margaret Thatcher: Compromise Not

18—Thomas Edison: Fail More

19—Benjamin Franklin: Fail Less

20—Emily Dickinson: Beware Silence

21—George Bernard Shaw: Wake Up & See

22—Plato: Have Something to Say

23—Maria Keckler: Change the Game

24—Peter Drucker: Improve Your Value

25—Maya Angelou: Make Them Feel

Who did I miss? 

If this article inspired you, pass it along.  Let’s start a movement.