Introversion is the most misunderstood personality type. Because of introverts’ quiet nature, they are often presumed as rude or arrogant. It is thought that introverts don’t like other people. This presumption is untrue. Introverts just like to spend more time alone so that they can recharge their energies and be ready for socializing. In a world which is designed to be more social, open and out-going, introverts often find themselves out of place. In social settings, introverts have trouble connecting with other people because they can’t stand small talk. They like to engage in more meaningful conversations.

It’s tough to identify an introvert; just preferring to spend time alone doesn’t make you an introvert. There are many extroverts too who love spending time alone. Plus, because of the stereotyping, many people shy away from being identified as introverts. However, there are some traits exclusive to introverts. If you possess all of them, then you are surely a complete introvert.

Here are some signs that tell that you are a true introvert.

1. You Hate Small Talk

Introverts avoid situations where there’s even a slight chance of small talk. They can’t discuss trivial stuff like weather, latest fashion or trends and things like that. They like to have meaningful and more in-depth conversations with people.

2. You tend to over-think

If you overthink and overanalyze situations than the chances are that you are an introvert. Introverts have very active minds, and they tend to analyze conversations they have had with other people in their heads again and again even after days.

3. You like alone time

Whenever you find some free time, you want to spend it alone rather than going to outings or get together. You like activities like reading, writing and watching movies alone. You have no problem with spending a weekend night at home watching movies, cooking, reading or doing anything you like.  In this free time, you like to recharge your energy and recover from all the socializing that you have done.

4. You are a good Leader

The ability of introverts to connect with other people on a deeper level makes them excellent leaders. As they are great listeners, they listen to every person’s point of view and make others feel included, which is an excellent leadership quality.

5. You struggle with networking

During networking events, you often feel isolated and stressed because of all the small-talk and conversations that you have to do. You feel like an impostor in such situations where you have to be someone that you are not. For you, it’s better to interact in smaller groups and circles than in big events.

6. You are a great writer

Introverts have vivid imaginations, and their brains are creative. They have trouble in speaking their thoughts out loud. On the contrary, they can express themselves very well in writing.

7. You dislike to Talk over the Phone

Introverts have to think a lot before they speak. During phone conversations, you don’t have much time to think or reflect before speaking, and that makes introverts very anxious.

8. You can’t be the Center of Attention

In a room full of people, introverts become extra cautious because they are afraid of saying or doing anything that makes them the center of attention,

9. You Need Alone Time to Recharge

Contrary to extroverts, who feel recharged and energized after socializing, introverts drain out after social gatherings and events. They need some alone time to feel fresh and active again.

10. You Are a Good Listener

You like to listen and pay attention to what others have to say. Instead of imposing your thoughts on others, you give others full time to speak.

11. You Have a Close Group of Friends

You have few and very close friends with whom you share a deep and strong bond.

12. You are Good Observer

You like to observe things and notice details that others miss out.

13. You Get Anxious Easily

Over-thinking and overanalyzing situations makes you anxious and stressed many times.

14. You Are Empathetic

Introverts feel empathy towards others. They can judge a person’s emotions from facial expressions.

15. You Don’t Like Group or Team Work

Introverts tend to get ignored in a group or teamwork because of their quiet and reserved nature. Their best ideas come forward when they work alone where they can give their full output and concentration to work.

16. You Are Creative

Introverts are naturally creative due to their strong imagination. The ability to sit back quietly and think on a deep level without getting bored provides you greater advantage when it comes to being creative.

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17. People Call You an Old Soul

Introverts love to have deep and philosophical conversations which make them appear wise beyond their years.

18. Outgoing People Intimidate You

Expressive and outgoing people sometimes intimidate introverts. They cannot communicate very well with such people because of the difference in the personalities.

19. You can’t translate your thoughts into words effectively

Despite having so much to say, introverts can’t put their thoughts into words. The fear of getting judged or misunderstood stops them from saying anything.

That, combined with our unusual thought process and high level of thinking, we find it difficult to convey our thoughts.

20. You Have Trouble Sleeping

The blame goes to overactive brains. Your overactive mind doesn’t let you sleep at night. At night, you process your thoughts and all the day’s happenings which in turn makes sleep difficult for you.

21. You Feel Alone In a Crowd

No matter how much you try, you still feel out of place and misfit. Large gatherings and social events make you feel more alone and isolated.

22. People assume you are shy

People often equate introversion with shyness. While introverts generally like alone time and prolonged socializing drains them, shy people instead are afraid to interact with others. They don’t necessarily prefer alone time, but shyness makes them scared of talking to people.

23. You find it hard to start a conversation

This point is related to the general dislike towards small talk. Introverts can have great discussions, but it’s hard for them to initiate one. As such, if someone goes so far with them as to even start talking to them, introverts can open up surprisingly well; although they are better in one-on-one conversations than in group talks.

24. You are not argumentative or confrontational

Snapping at people or voicing your disagreement the moment someone says something does not come naturally to you as you tend to think a lot before giving voice to your words. As arguments often flow fast, you rarely process your thoughts in time to say them out loud. An exception to this nature is your presence in your safe and close circle of people you know where you’re comfortable enough to speak out your thoughts.

25. You often zone out

As a person whose brain is rarely at rest and a plethora of thoughts are crossing over at a time, you tend to zone out in places where there is a considerable degree of noise; which is often perceived by those who don’t know you as being ‘unwell.’


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