Earth is a fantastic place, isn’t it? It is the only planet that can support life, but it needs our help to thrive! Now more than ever, all governments, businesses, and individuals need to lock hands and take action. 

More than a billion people celebrate Earth Day on April 22 every year in the spirit of investing in our planet. 

Participating in activities like picking up litter, planting trees, and adopting sustainable practices make our world a better place to live. However, it is equally essential to support organizations ahead in the ‘Saving Earth practices’ curve. 

Here, we have collated a list of nonprofit organizations across the globe contributing to saving the planet in numerous ways, from climate and environment literacy, conservation, and restoration to plastic pollution, food, and the environment. 

1. Kids save Ocean gives children everywhere a voice about our planet’s environment.

Kids Save Ocean works with the United Nations, exhibiting environmental art to youth. With FateChanger, a mobile app that facilitates actual participation for both children and teachers, Kids Save Ocean deeply engages folks on ocean pollution, climate change, and sustainability.

Ways to help –

2. Project Manaia derives changes to preserve Seagrass, investigate invasive species and clear out marine debris.

Manuel Marinelli started project Manaia in 2015. It is a small but fast-growing ocean Conservation nonprofit based in Austria that works at Sea. While the reasons for the vanishing seagrass meadows, especially in the Adriatic Sea, are still being researched and discussed, Project Manaia aims to document the current extent of Seagrass meadows as the changes in dimensions.

Ways to help –

  • Donate directly to Project Manaia

3. BIOagradables educates people on the importance of environmental sustainability.

BIOagradables conducts events, conferences, and intense on-ground activities like cleaning beaches to spread ecological awareness in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ways to help –

  • Donate directly to BIOagradables

4. Global Environmental Institute (GEI) solves environmental problems to achieve sustainable development. 

The Global Environmental Institute (GEI) was founded in 2004 to secure sustainable development within the country’s borders and abroad. GEI works with key stakeholders to foster dialogue with innovative solutions, protect the environment and enhance economic opportunity within China, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

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5. Alxa SEE Conservation works for environmental protection projects and promotes the in-depth participation of ecological nonprofits and entrepreneurs. 

On June 5, 2004, nearly 100 entrepreneurs initiated the establishment of the Alxa SEE Ecological Association in the Tengger Desert of Alxa, Inner Mongolia. Alxa SEE Conservation is the first social organization in China to take social responsibility (Society), have entrepreneurs, and protect the environment (Ecology). 

Ways to help –

  • Volunteer with the nonprofit and support the cause

6. FEEC (Far Eastern Environmental Committee) preserves the region’s biological diversity.

FEEC is preventing the growing degradation of the natural environment of the Far East and achieving harmony between man and nature. It is an independent environmental organization that upholds universally recognized values, human rights, and freedoms.

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7. Urban Mali empowers gardeners to live a debt-free life.

Urban Mali was started in July 2015. It is a social enterprise that provides gardening services in Bengaluru using native plants. Its team of expert and skilled Malis brings their innate knowledge to create and care for 3000+ gardens in Bangalore and across South India over the last three years. 

Ways to help –

8. Way For life brings positive change to the lives of troubled communities and neglected environmental and social issues. 

Way For life was founded in 2017, based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It was started with the desire to uplift the marginalized sections of the society, coupled with an equal emphasis on commonly neglected issues such as blood requirements, relief programs, and educational and environmental issues.  

Way For life is heavily involved in intervention programs with Government schools. Its services vary from reconnecting the broken dots on the walls of these schools to coloring the very same structures. 

Ways to help –

9. Endangered Species International saves endangered animals, preserves wild places, and reverses human-induced species extinction. 

Pierre Fidenci founded ESI. ESI focuses on saving endangered species and wild places using cutting-edge science where local communities become natural conservation practitioners. ESI addresses the reciprocal needs and obligations between the local Community and biodiversity protection.

Ways to help –

  • Donate directly to Endangered Species International 

10. Oke Charity empowers schools and communities to grow essential life and social skills.

At Oke, kids learn life and social skills through gardens at schools. By giving the kids the tools to learn, OKE empowers schools and communities, ultimately providing a better place for everyone.

Ways to help –

11. Wai Wanaka empowers communities to understand their water, environment, and impact.

WAI Wānaka aims to connect individuals, community groups, iwi, landowners, and businesses, undertaking positive work towards building healthy ecosystems and supporting community wellbeing in our region.

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12. Pruthvi Molachi Foundation catalyzes the development and conservation process. 

Pruthvi Molachi Foundation is a group of social and environmental enthusiasts to catalyze the process of development and conservation. The team includes environmentalists, geologists, entrepreneurs, researchers, statisticians, microbiologists, and grass-root social workers. 

Ways to help –

13. Climate Connect Earth accelerates climate action worldwide by connecting organizations and individuals. 

Climate Connect is a donation-funded nonprofit working to make an impact on climate change. Being an independent organization allows it to work with everyone involved in fighting climate change. This is also why it includes Community as much as possible. It organizes regular network events and lets its users decide what steps to take next.

Ways to help –

14. Replate helps to reduce food waste and alleviates food insecurity in communities everywhere.

Replate manages the food donations from multiple sources –  caterers, offices with meal services, brands with product overruns, restaurants, etc. Every food donation is taken to a nearby nonprofit working for people experiencing food insecurity.

Ways to help –

15. Sinal Do Vale provides solutions for tangible social and environmental change with local and global communities.

Sinal do Vale is a center for regenerating ecosystems, communities, and individuals to inspire relationships and learning experiences through various projects, hospitality services, and educational programs. They prototype solutions to restore food systems, forests, soil, and communities. 

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16. We Forest conserves and restores the ecological integrity of forests and landscapes.

We Forest engages corporates, organizations, and scientists in collaborative action to advance forest landscape restoration. It develops a portfolio of quality, scalable forest landscape restoration projects. It measures its projects’ progress and impacts on Climate, People, and Planet.

Ways to help –

17. CLEAR RIVERS significantly reduce the number of plastics that enter the seas and oceans.

Clear Rivers prevents plastic litter from entering the seas and oceans through cleanups, litter traps, education, awareness, and recycling (CLEAR). Together, this creates an overall, all-inclusive approach toward marine litter. Although Clear Rivers is new as a brand, the organization benefits from five years of experience in plastic retrieval, recycling, and education.

Ways to help –

18. Environment Georgia makes our world a greener and healthier place for all.

Environment Georgia protects the environment and promotes core environmental values, such as clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and clean energy. It focuses on timely, targeted action that wins tangible improvements in the quality of the environment and the Community’s lives.

Ways to help –

19. Wildlife SOS protects and conserves India’s natural heritage, forests, and biodiversity.

Wildlife SOS makes lasting changes to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forests, and biodiversity. It actively works towards protecting Indian wildlife, preserving habitat, studying biodiversity, conducting research, and creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile communities that depend on nature for sustenance.

Ways to help –

20. World Water Community supports the global-to-local healing and restoration of our planetary and internal waters. 

The World Water Community is an online platform that supports the healing and restoration of our planetary and internal Waters. The Community welcomes everyone to collaborate and share knowledge, experience, and resources for a world with healthy and thriving water.

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