I am a few weeks away from saying goodbye to my twenties and as this chapter comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on the lessons learned this past year.

When people say 2016 was a bad year, I agree. For me it came charged with a lot of negative emotions, sadness and hardships but in the end I feel I have emerged a more hopeful person because I took the time to analyze these feelings and what I learned about them.

For me it was truly a year of self exploration. Now I am looking forward to the future and what I can takeaway from this last year to make the ones to come even better.

Here is a list of 29 of these important lessons learned this year.

  1. My life is mine to live and it is up to me to make it what I want it to be.
  2. Sometimes you have to take risks to find happiness.
  3. Everyone has a different path and it is okay to not follow the traditional path that people around me are taking.
  4. Age is just a number. It may be hard to believe but it truly is and I should not be pressured to be in a certain place by a certain age.
  5. When I am sad or unhappy, talking to someone close to me always helps.
  6. Self care is the most important care.
  7. Investing in activities I like always make me happier.
  8. Quality of friendships is better than quantity.
  9. When times seem dark, it always helps to think about how things can only get better.
  10. It is important to chose what I put in my body wisely.
  11. Traveling feeds the soul in ways I can’t explain.
  12. Getting angry about things I can’t control will only bring stress and negativity into my life.
  13. Spend time doing the things that spark my passion.
  14. Personal development is a constant uphill battle.
  15. Meditation brings peace in times of stress or anxiety.
  16. My family provides the love I need the most.
  17. Speak kindly to yourself always.
  18. There will be sad days and happy days.
  19. Thinking positively everyday makes me a better person.
  20. We are all feminists and I need to embrace it in every way I can.
  21. My home is my sanctuary and I need to make it a safe haven where I can relax and be myself.
  22. Inspiration will come from many sources and especially from strong women role models.
  23. Work loses it’s appeal when you are not recognized for your efforts.
  24. If you don’t speak up and take matters into your hands, you will remain stagnant forever.
  25. We are all unique and we need to embrace our uniqueness.
  26. I am beautiful even on days when my mind tells me the contrary.
  27. Self confidence is an ongoing battle between our inner demons.
  28. There is nothing to be afraid of, the unknown is a magical thing.
  29. 30s are the new 20s and leaving my twenties won’t be that bad.

What valuable lessons did you learn in your twenties?

Originally published at medium.com