How to be a better writer

In his Problem Solver Podcast, Jason Feifer gives great advice for entrepreneurs. In this episode, he gives three lessons in order to become a better writer. I also added one more piece of advice from myself. 

1. Write when you’re not writing

Write your thoughts down even if you’re not in a creative mood. Writing is most often just like other things in life, a skill that you train. But like any skill, it is good also to step away and do other things. It is like working on a long content piece. Let your subconscious mind do the work and think about how to improve the article.

2. Block your time and create uninterrupted time

If you really want to create something big and creative you have to block your time. You need to create an uninterrupted time where you can just focus on your main tasks and be in deep working flow. This can be several hours a day or once a week, but choose your block time and be creative.

3. Get stuff down

Writing is like start and stop. Even if your first draft is bad, it is always better to have the first bad draft then having nothing. See you writing time as discovery where you build pieces of writings that you have to combine in a coherent way at the end of the process.

4. No internet

This is something that worked very well for me. When I’m writing I oftentimes don’t have an internet connection. No emails, no social media accounts means also no distraction. In order to do this, I research before the writing process and then just write as much as possible without the internet. You can also use an app called freedom, where you write down how many minutes of freedom you want and then you don’t have access to the internet.

Here is the link to the episode: (which is by the way very fun because Jason’s son interrupted him twice during the show and Jason’s reaction was very funny!).


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