“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

~ Wayne Dyer

I recently took 6 weeks off from writing to reflect on everything I’m doing. I do this every so often and feel it’s a necessary tool for self growth. We all should do this more. It got me thinking that that in our current chaotic world there are a certain number of things that we should be paying attention to in the moment. In my view these items and belief systems are going to have a significant impact on the coming years. But not just any impact, an impact that could change the world and the way people see the world. They give the person who understands them a leg up in how they see the world.

They give the person 4D vision.

I believe we’re at the crux of a massive change in the way we see the world. Perception is changing. We are starting to see things in a different way than before. What is giving rise to this? What should we be paying more attention to? What are some affirmations to help us see this whole new world?

We have to enjoy living. And to truly enjoy living, we have to be awake.

In the movie “Fight Club” Tyler Durden says:

“You weren’t alive anywhere like you were there.”

This got me thinking. Why do I write? Why do I have a YouTube channel? Why did I start a podcast? Why am I an actor?

Because these things make me feel more alive. I worked behind a desk for several years and the mundane day to day nearly killed me. I have to be on the move and running my own show.

If you want to feel more alive try writing down your thoughts. Try doing something you’ve never done before. Turn on your iphone camera and talk to people. These things will make you feel more alive. It might seem scary at first, but facing fears stimulates growth.

Never be afraid to throw yourself out there and take risks.

Surfing on the wave of chance is the name of the game.

But how do you stay positive? When you’ve been knocked down so many times how do you get back up?

2018 has been a chaotic year.

Here are the 3 affirmations to help you see the world in a new light as we enter the new year.


Success is internal. Not external.


The people who understand this, find success. The external environment doesn’t define you or what you define as success. You define your success. The external environment molds itself around you to fit your view.

Author Nicholas Cole writes in his column “The Key To Success Nobody Wants To Talk About” for Inc. :

At the end of the day, success and feeling successful comes down to the measures that you put into place, for yourself. The external will always be there. The nice car, the gold watch, the big flashy title at the big prestigious firm — those rewards will always exist, and can surely act as short-term motivation. But the long idea, the intrinsic motivation for your quest to greatness should come from a deeper sense of satisfaction, and that is something only you can define for yourself.

Believe it or not success often happens when we look away. Because looking too hard would put the focus on the external. The magic happens inside.Remember that.


Pursuit is everything. Enjoy the journey.


We see these things in the external world. We see a best selling author a doctor saving lives, or a politician winning a seat in the senate. We think to ourselves…Why can’t I do that?

Because it’s in the external world. You’re creating your own journey and it’s about just that. The journey. The pursuit. Everyone has a different path.

I recently saw a Twitter feed from author James Clear where he stated:

Paradoxically, the people who have the results that so many desire don’t actually care much about it.

The fittest people love the pursuit of fitness, not fitness itself.

The smartest people love the pursuit of knowledge, not showing off.

The richest people love the pursuit of wealth, not wealth itself.

They love building businesses or studying investing or learning about early retirement strategies. They find a certain joy in the precursors to success.

Those who love the process, end up with the results naturally. Those who worship only the results, end up with nothing.

Your journey is unique to you. Live in the moment, enjoy the pursuit, and focus on the now. By doing this your desires in time will manifest within your world.


We need not so much more answers, but rather, more imagination.


Everyone in today’s hyper stimulated society is looking for a narrative. We wants answers. We want them now. Tell us a story! As we continue to evolve we are steadily learning that the real narrative we are watching is coming from within. We create what we see. By being able to recognize this we quickly realize that everything happening around us is a product of our own doing. And what we do is created by our imagination. More imagination leads to a larger spectrum for the story we are watching which leads do a wider frame of possible outcomes.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

~ Albert Einstein

Writer Justin Owings writes:

What Adams shows us is how a lack of imagination opens the door for others to control the narrative. They need only suggest a believable story.

We’re suckers for good stories because they put Pandora back in the box. Like a good magic trick, we want to be fooled.

A lack of imagination is your lazy brain failing to look for negatives space. So it just doesn’t exist. Daniel Kahneman calls this “What you see is all there is” (WYSIATI)

You cannot help dealing with the limited information you have as if it were all there is to know. You build the best possible story from the information available to you, and if it is a good story, you believe it.

Paradoxically, it is easier to construct a coherent story when you know little, when there are fewer pieces to fit into the puzzle.

Our comforting conviction that the world makes sense rests on a secure foundation: our almost unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance.

WYSIATI is the problem of lack of imagination.

So in our age of algorithmically biased streams and clickbait headlines, perhaps what we need isn’t so much more answers.

It’s more imagination.

Try to see more than what is. There’s a lot more happening than what you are seeing right in front of you. We as a society suffer from lazy-brain syndrome. Try to see beyond the curtain. You’d be surprised what new beliefs, attitudes, mindsets, values, and pieces of wisdom you’ll find just by challenging yourself to think differently.

See you soon.

By Geoff Pilkington

You can connect with me at: www.geoffreypilkington.com