What the hell? My ears can’t believe it!!!

This guy must be f**king Crazy!!

How can we ever succeed when we don’t follow SUCCESSFUL people?

This is the common reaction I often get, whenever I advocate this life lesson of mine.

I am sure most of you, will be also thinking the same thing!!!

Just bear with me for 4 minutes and hear me out!! Then you can decide if it works for you!!

So here it goes — —

I Started Living Others’ Lives.

Our Great Celeb XXX wakes up at 4.00 AM in the morning every day. He does a Hot Yoga session for 1 hour to rejuvenate his brain. After that, sharp at 5.00 AM, he will sit and answer his mails along with a hot glass of Gluten free milk mixed with organic eggs. Soon after that, he will devote some time to write a blog on “his life experiences” and by 7.43 AM sharp, he is in the office before anyone else.

“Wow! What an amazing guy!!! This is the secret of his success. I must emulate him to the last comma.”

“Wait a minute!!! Where can I get this “Gluten free milk”. Never mind, I will get it somehow. It plays a vital role in his success!!!”

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What I finally realized that, Success cannot be copied or imitated from someone else. Success is always personal and Human. Our current lifestyle only can determine our success.

I Forgot, I too have a mind of MY own

Our Great Celeb XXX is the world’s leading expert in Paleo-Astronomy and Paleo-Botany and has written several record breaking best sellers in these areas. He also has a keen interest in Medieval Celtic warfare techniques and is the president of the World Celtic Organization. He also dabs his hand in Japanese Haiku poetry and rubs shoulders with leading Haiku masters across the world.

“Gosh! That is a tall order. I have not even heard about these subjects. That is why I am such a dumb failure.”

“I must go to the book shop today and catch hold of the very first book on these topics and cram it over the night. This is my ticket to success.”

What I finally realized that, I need to be ORIGINAL.I have my own unique strengths and talents which are available only to me. The scale of our success is directly proportional to how much we can dig in and leverage our own existing strengths. More we enhance our strengths, the more the success.

I Started Measuring Success in “Likes”, “Recommends” and “Shares”

Our Great Celeb XXX is an astonishing writer. His clarity of thoughts and the way he articulates the same on paper cannot be matched by anybody. He is very active on social media and his “one-liner” posts go viral all across the world in a matter of minutes. The whole world just seems to be waiting with bated breath for his insightful posts.

“Wow, this guy is amazing. How does he do it so often. Here I am, spending days and nights crafting my content only to get a couple of “Likes” and one comment at the most. I must be doing something wrong.”

“I must spend more time in reading his posts and understanding the cryptic science behind Headline baiting, SEO optimization, tagging great celebrities and time of posting. Content can go to hell; nobody reads it anyway!!”

What I finally realized that my knowledge and expertise are the direct reflections of MY personality. Our personality develops with knowledge and knowledge only translates into real success. The more we use our knowledge, the more we get success.

The One Lesson I learned

It is not wrong to get inspired from successful people and learn from them but we must also understand that there is a very thin line between “inspired from” and “copied from” and once we cross that, we are certainly doomed to failure.

Create your unique success in your own unique way, using your unique capabilities!

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Ravi Rajan is a global IT program manager based out of Mumbai, India. He is also an avid blogger, Haiku poetry writer, archaeology enthusiast and history maniac. Connect with Ravi on LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter.

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