back to school for teachers

We went to the store for back-to-school outfits yesterday, and suddenly my kids seem…old.

Their legs are longer. Smiles more mature. Eyes a little less wondrous of the world.

And jeez, I had to fight back the tears watching them.

It reminded me of the saying…

“The days are long but the years are short.”

(The most accurate words I’ve heard about motherhood.)

Where does the time go?

If you’re gearing up for back to school too… check out our newest post about creating a survival kit gift for teachers. There’s even a free printable there.

It’s a great way to help teachers take care of themselves when their days seem long. As some will be. And a teacher once told me it was the best gift she ever received.

We’ll also be doing a few back to school traditions to soak in the moments. Here’s a few:

Back to School Breakfast

We enjoy a special breakfast as a family on the first day of school each year. Then snap a quick picture to document the new school year.

Lunch Notes

I like sticking special notes in their lunchboxes the first few weeks of school.

We Read Back to School Books

For the younger ones, it helps with separation anxiety to read about others going back to school. Plus, we get a little extra read aloud in.

In Conclusion

There’s something special about the new beginnings that come with back to school. We’re always hyped and ready to learn!

What’s your favorite way to start a new school year? Leave a comment and let me know.