Entrepreneur, Mompreneur, Female Empowerment

Success means something different to everyone.

Personally, success to me is being able to raise my babies and work when I can. It’s something I’ve always wanted. However, when I got the opportunity to finally obtain that idea of “success,” I struggled. There were a lot of factors that I had to deal with but the top 3 are what I’m going to talk to you about: comparison, impact & mindset.


We’ve all done it. We all do it. It’s almost impossible not to.

You’re never good enough. You don’t know enough. You don’t have enough experience. You’ve never held that title.

We see all these influencers on social media only showing the world what they want you to see. Or we see our idols and think, “That will never me.” Or you see the mom in your playgroup who always looks put together. Why do we do that? Why is comparison so ingrained in us? Is it a nature vs. nurture conversation? Is it inherent from birth? We may never know.

But, what if…

What if we stopped the self deprecation? What if we stopped the comparison? What if we embraced our uniqueness and what makes us so different from everyone we see on the internet? What if we flipped the script? What if we as females, women, moms, entrepreneurs, world changers flipped. The. Script?

I am enough. I know more than enough. I have life experiences. I hold titles you don’t even know about.

Remove everyone else from the equation. Go on an unfollow spree on Instagram, remove yourself from negative people, take yourself out of situations that make you feel less than what you know you are. Give yourself permission to be imperfectly you.


What do people come to you for? Are you a great cook that people ask recipes of? Are you a “retired” athlete that everyone looks to for exercise or nutrition needs? Are you the tailor that all your family takes their clothes to? Are you the one that everyone comes to to brainstorm and strategize?

Whether you know it or not, you are making an impact. I can GUARANTEE there is something that you are better at than anyone else in your sphere. This is your superpower.

I know, I know that sounds silly. You may even be thinking about a gift you have that may seem absurd to pursue based on my previous comments.

HOWEVER, there is a niche out there dying to know what you know. They are racking their brain trying to figure out how to make a go at the skill that you have already mastered. There is a world that needs your gifts. There is a world that REQUIRES your gifts to start their business or keep their business.


So we talked about the big stuff in comparison and impact. I want to take it back to the beginning and the end: Mindset.

Being and entrepreneur is not easy on the mind. It is tough and draining even depressing at times. In the early stages, your mindset and mentality are what get you through. It’s what keeps you working and creating even when you don’t feel like it, even when no one sees you, even when your content isn’t converting clients.

It’s what helps you to create systems, programs and courses that jive with your ideal clientele. It’s what keeps you on track when you start to falter. It’s what pulls you back when you stray.

If you have a strong mindset, you can conquer all. Yes, there will be hardship. Yes, there will be times of want. Yes, there will be times of worry. But, if you have a strong mindset, one that is posed for prosperity, one that is posed for abundance, one that knows the Creator has more for you, you cannot lose.