There was always another meeting, another project, another day when tasks had to be done as quickly as possible to keep up with the never-ending corporate grind.

Then Covid-19 changed everybody’s lives, and employees faced a whole new set of challenges as they did their work and communicated with their colleagues from home. Most people have found it challenging, by all accounts, and it is not at all surprising that mental health has become a near-constant topic of conversation on the internet in the last 15 months.

Choose To Take Some Time For Yourself

There is no better way to escape from city life than by retreating to the countryside. Forests and fields and the coastline are the complete opposite of high-rises and busy streets and transport hubs and might be exactly what you need if you feel overworked and overwhelmed.

Business owner Louise Colome has lived in North Devon her whole life, so she knows from experience how relaxing an environment it is. She has a little house by the sea with her fiancé and a lockdown baby, and she loves to surf, swim and travel in her spare time.

“It is such a fantastic work-life balance,” Louise enthuses. “So I urge you to get away from your busy and stressful life in the city. Go out into the countryside for a while, and then you can go back to your life feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and ready for whatever it throws at you.”

If you visit Devon, you can experience the beautiful rolling hills of Exmoor, the rugged coastlines, and gorgeous beaches. You can stay somewhere in places you can unwind, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. You can try all sorts of local cuisine and participate in activities organized by highly skilled instructors who will ensure your safety and enjoyment. And, above all, you can forget about your everyday corporate existence as you bask in the serenity of nature.

Relaxing Doesn’t Have To Mean Doing Nothing.

When you spend time in the countryside, it is a perfect opportunity to indulge in whatever fitness activities take your fancy, Louise says. You can do things that combine physical and spiritual elements, such as yoga and pilates, or you could build a more substantial body using more specific methods such as bodyweight exercises and core classes. If you’re feeling particularly in need of spiritual cleansing, try something like reiki, which is designed to clear your mind and relax your body.

“When you are burning a lot of energy during the day, it’s important to eat well,” Louise explains. “So make sure you stay somewhere that offers three meals a day prepared by specialist cooks. If you are lucky, they might even offer cooking demonstrations, so you know how to prepare the new foods you have discovered when you return home.”

Travel The World In Search Of New Experiences

Although it has not been possible in the last fifteen months, traveling the world has had a significant impact on Louise. She has been to 28 American states, she spent a few months traveling Asia and Australia, and she has experienced most of Europe.

“One of the best places to unwind is Sri Lanka,” Louise says. “You can swim in the ocean, take fitness classes in beautiful locations and visit beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. You can also go on tuk-tuk rides, visit Buddhist temples and historical landmarks, or indulge in the blissfully relaxing massage the island is renowned for.”

She continues, “Wherever you choose to go to get away from your stressful everyday life, you will find comfort and relaxation in the peace and tranquillity of the natural world. Then you can return to your life and face all those challenges you had started dreading with new energy.”