There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.”

Sophia Amoruso, #GIRLBOSS

That quote might look cliche when you read it but trust us Girls. You’ll need to stay on this article to find it how actually the ultimate famous Sophia Amoruso stay slays. Even after her mega business retailer Nasty Gal filled the bankruptcy last year. Finally, Nasty Gal was bought by English Fashion Retailers; BooHoo Group.

Amoruso herself actually already stepped down from her position as the CEO of Nasty Gal in 2015. A year before she finally need to give up the company she built from scratch. If you keen to know more about her aspiring journey, you might be interesting to read this article.

This is the lesson you can learn from her failure, this will reveal why a loss isn’t always a lose.

#1 Build an Empire = Personal Credibility and Image

Amoruso’s high involvement at first probably an accident. Which where she was even modeled for all the Nasty Gal Vintage product catalog on Ebay. But, within the rise of her fashion empire, she truly nailed the brand image things. This generally shows by her active contribution as a speaker in a various conference, forum and another similar kind of session.

She successfully turned herself from a jobless girl with depression and attention deficit disorder (ADD) into what The New York Times called “a Cinderella of tech”. All only in less than 5 years. In one of her interview with the press, she said “I’m a brand builder”, so you can see, right? She’s really aware what she’s doing from the beginning. This term not only fits for those of you who want to be an entrepreneur but also if you want to work as a professional. Remember that every hard work needs to be presented in a modest way. So, it will be easy for people to determine your personal credibility in work field.

Believe it or not, there were a lot of people re-starting their business after bankruptcy or other failures. With a trust and previous success credibility they’ve got, it would be easier for them to make a new start.

#2 Conscious with Every Possible New Opportunity

Try to not spill the milk from the glass! As Sophia saw herself on the top of her business as Nasty Gal Founder and CEO’s, she created #GIRLBOSS. And it made her famous more than ever. #GIRLBOSS was actually started as Sophia self-written autobiography. She told a lot about her unusual business journey and a lot of reason why she’s started.

Well, the success of #GIRLBOSS became Sophia’s main focus after left “Nasty Gal” top position. Within the #GIRLBOSS project she created, it aims to make other girls as success as she was. The sharing sessions continue also in a podcast form. #GIRLBOSS was not only a book title but also a trademark that registered it copyrights under Amoruso’s.

Despite many people throwing a shade to her, Sophia still remains as a success businesswoman. She’s undeniably a very success brand builder, as the result of her awareness of seeing a great opportunity.

#3 Be Bold, Be Unique, Be You!

Last but not least, we need to learn about self-love lesson from Sophia. Because once we love our self and know what we worth it’s easier to forget and forgive ourselves once we can’t fit the goals we set. Not only in business, but for every aspect of our life. Don’t be afraid to be the best version of you, make your quirks count as your add-on ability.

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