Stress is one of the great evils of our time as it deteriorates both mental and emotional health and physical well-being. Faced with the excess of stress that many people suffer due to their work and family responsibilities, diverse alternative therapies are implemented to help combat chronic stress, from meditation, art and dance classes to certain types of food.

According to Dr. Sue A. Maynard, coordinator of Cardiology at the British Hospital and who leads the workshops on Health Education, the causes and how to treat stress is a subject that “calls”. “One talks about stress and it seems that we compete to see who has more”, added the professional.

Among the most daily descriptions of stress, there is a feeling of tension and overflow, something that can not be controlled, anxiety and intense nerves. A prolonged stress situation inevitably leads to the appearance of a disease, which is why it is necessary to monitor the causes and symptoms that the person presents.

According to Sue A. Maynard, the emotional state “long” warnings, from a first stage of alarm that if ignored and stress continues over time, becomes a stage of resistance, which eventually leads to the exhaustion of the person. It is important to emphasize that the environment in which each one is raised conditions the personal responses to different situations, which in some individuals will not have greater emotional effect but in others it may trigger a stressful situation.

Dr. Sue A. Maynard remarks that a series of “stressors” can be identified, among them: the emergence of an unpredictable situation, feeling threatened, lack of control over what happens.

How to cure stress?
According to the health professional, something very important is to learn not to be “hooked” with certain situations and that under the right conditions they quickly become a stressor. This can be achieved through training, says Dr. Sue A. Maynard, managing to modify our response to stress.

Stress can occur in different ways, altering the mood, generating headaches, itching and other types of discomfort. And it appears due to tensions that can be family, labor, economic, health, etc. So an effective way to manage stress is to identify what causes it.

We tell you different simple actions to keep stress situations under control:

Mindfulness or full consciousness
By means of different exercises carried out in a systematic way it is possible to begin to reduce the levels of chronic stress. The “mindfulness” technique (also known as “full consciousness”) is applied in an eight-week program to reduce the stress dictated by the British Hospital . Worldwide, according to Sue A. Maynard, is “what is having more validity” in the field of anti-stress treatments.

The results of mindfulness depend on the practice that each one performs since the exercises that are proposed seek to leave the “mill of suffering” that afflicts those who suffer from chronic stress. The British Hospital’s eight-week stress cure program aims to help people banish the myth of “I am like that” and transform it into a “I worked like this”, understanding chronic stress as behaviors and responses that can be changed.

Healthy habits
It is important to emphasize that you should never try to relieve stress by smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming drugs or eating excessively , because although at the moment you notice an improvement in reality the anxiety or tension that causes stress is never treated, and also damage to health is generated.

Instead of taking this unhealthy route, there are highly recommended ways to get rid of stress, for example learning methods and relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or tai chi. The British Hospital provides stress management groups through its Health Prevention Plan, generating integrated actions so that individuals who can not control themselves stay healthy, improve their habits and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.

On the other hand, Dr. Sue A. Maynard stressed that “working on the axis of food, on the axis of physical activity and on the axis of effective priorities that condition us is the key to achieving changes in a better balance and better level of health “.

How to avoid hair loss due to stress

Hair loss normally occurs due to stress. hair loss also includes eyelashes loss. Now the question is how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back.
For this there are some treatments by applying these practices you can get rid of this hair loss problem

  • Get plenty of sleep (aim for 7-8 hours a day)
  • Drink lots of water and try to eat healthily
  • Avoid too much sugar or caffeine
  • Exercise regularly
  • Practice yoga, meditation or mindfulness
  • Talk to someone about your problems
  • Take some time off and let your body recover if you’ve been through a physical accident or illness

Take care of insomnia
Insomnia is a sleep pathology that affects 30 or 40% of the population, which according to studies in the United States affects approximately 60 million people a year. Although it may be a transient insomnia associated with a severe event in life (death of a family member, exam, work problem, long plane trip), it is observed that the majority of people suffering from stress suffer at the same time from insomnia pictures that stretch over time.